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  • Scott E. Lipp - 2010 not ready...and wants me to pay to fix!!!

    quickbooks 2010 has so many thing that do not work in it that a business has to be crazy to use it unless they do not transport it or use the loan manager. I use it with Windows 7 and maybe it works fine with other OS systems but not WINDOWS 7 64 bit pro. Go look at your "event viewer" and see for your self. You will notice many errors inregards to this program. To add insult to injury they want me to pay them to fix their problems. I checked out this program on 5 other computers (business that had bought their own copy and installed and thought the program was working right untill they looked at their reports and tried using many the program and all its funtions. Only buy this product if you want lots of frustration. For me I will go back to 2006. At least most things worked in that version. It even worked in Widows 7.

  • Amazon Customer - would definitely not recommend.

    Decided not to use and threw in trash. very cheap looking product. would definitely not recommend.

  • Keyona - Best Twist Out EVER

    In love with this product! I have been on the hunt for the best twist out butters and so far this has been the best. My 4a/4b hair is so moisturized and more defined than ever. I'm looking forward to seeing what else this line has to offer.

  • Jonathan Z. - A Beast of Bass

    Heavy but REALLY loud. Lots of bass which I love. If you want a speaker for an outdoor party that really bumps and dont wanna plug it in, this is the best offering at this price. It impresses everyone and I got two noise complaints. at half the volume its a beast. Battery life is hard to measure, I would say 4-6 hours.. but these batteries do wear out quick, so expect to buy a new one every 6-12 months but they arent expensive.

  • Russ - Do not buy this if you take your Laptop outside of United States

    I have used Kapersky for over 5 years and it has done a good job of protecting my Desktop and Laptop.

  • Greg B. - Far above all other blenders

    I got this item to replace my old blender that I purchased at wal-mart. My main purpose for blending is for smoothies in the morning (yogurt, greens and berries) and for making salad dressing or other cooking liquids.

  • needs70inch - An infuriating, but important, book

    This book is very difficult to like, let along love, but there are parts of it which are useful for anyone concerned about the class structure in America. The good section of the book is the center bulk - the carefully structured data and their presentation. That part is simply fantastic. The data, for the most part, is presented in a neutral manner (not easy to do!). Interpretation of that data is more difficult, but that is always the case. Those chapters (2 through 16) are easily worth the price of the book. Where the book, in my opinion, flounders, is in Charles Murray's interpretation of the data. One issue is the time period chosen. I would argue that the period between (say) the 1950s through the early 60s was highly unusual in American history. There were no great economic crashes, unlike (say) 1873, 1893, 1920 and 1929. Except for the Korean war, there were no open wars conducted by America in that period, yet we had a large standing army, with the Veterans' bill behind it and an openly recognized foreign enemy to unify the country. I suspect many men in Fishtown benefited mightily from the military in that period. Just a little bit later, we had Vietnam, which changed the equation. A more typical American period might have been the 1920s and 1930s - boom, bust and considerable inequality. I wonder how the results would have looked then? Charles implies similarity with his period, but that would be surprising considering the history of the 1930s, when there were many rootless people and the (official) birth rate was very low. Having said all that, this book is valuable in that it identifies class as an issue in American life. When the poor were portrayed as members of (quite specific) minorities, it was easy to ignore them - after all, they weren't real Americans. Now that this is happening to native whites, all of a sudden people take notice. That recognition alone is important.