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  • Brainslug - Shame on Optium Nutrition

    Once a good product, now obviously trying to rip people off. Reduce container size to justify a "Gluten Free" sticker - really?

  • Vickie H Choe - Low Quality, rusty and loose razors

    I would be wary of this product. The first time I purchased these they were great and I was happy about the quality for the price paid. This time I purchased, it was like a completely different product. The plastic around the razor was not smooth and bits of plastic stuck out in odd directions. The "Twinkle" logo peeled off of the handle. The razors rusted brown after being cleaned and dried a couple of times. Finally, the razors were loose and fell out of the plastic hold.

  • ramili - Did not help.

    I studied Princeton review along with ETS book. It did not help what so ever, I couldn't use the techniques. I found the readings too hard to follow on the exam when the ones in princeton were too easy. The vocabulary in princeton is not even close to what's going to be in ETS, it will give you some ideas I guess, but it's not nearly enough. I don't like this book, because I did terrible on verbal portion. I did okay on math, after all I'm an engineering major, but I doubt that princeton would help you to do better on math if that's your weakness. The AWS part to this book is terrible, too short. Talks about some really weird complicated topics that you won't be able to follow. In summary, if you want higher grades on GRE, don't waste your time studying this book.