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Weight Training Exercises, Workout Routines & Free Programs - Targeted Weight Training Exercises, Workouts & free Programs to Build Muscle mass, Lose Weight and Enjoy Life. Resistance & Strength Training secrets.

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  • Rosetejas - Works fine

    Once we got everything installed and running the program has been very good. I would prefer a company centered program as opposed to a contact centered system but it works well. You need to work with trial version to see if it meets your needs before you make a commitment to this program.

  • Randygk78 - Smells great, does a good job for 'messy' & shorter hair styles, not great for longer or more manicured looks

    Holds short to moderate length hair in place very well. It doesn't have a 'wet' look when it's applied, either, which is appreciated. It's definitely better for 'messy' looking hair, as it only does a so-so job at keeping a VERY manicured look...