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Escola de Gestão do Paraná - O site da Escola de Gestão do Paraná se destina à divulgação de programas e ações voltadas à formação e capacitação dos Servidores Público do Estado do Paraná, em diversos níveis

Country:, South America, BR

City: -49.2667 Parana, Brazil

  • William R. Powell - The best one so far is still WC '06

    I've been playing FIFA World Cup games going back to '94.. In my opinion, the best one is still '06. I wasn't overly blown-away by '10, but it was pretty fun overall. This one.... Eh.. The gameplay is fine. It actually seems fairly realistic. Passes don't always go to where you aim, but that's real-life soccer. Opposing players dodge your tackles. It doesn't always go as planned. That's fine. My only qualm with the gameplay is the super unrealistic shot speeds. I noticed that even barely holding down the shoot button (for what would usually be an upper 90/side-netting shot) the ball will rocket into the net at light speeds.. I mean LIGHT SPEEDS. It's like every shot you take that doesn't sail over the crossbar (very easy to do in this game I might also add) is like a volley 6 inches off the ground by Suli Muntari running at full-tilt. Yeesh.

  • NMB3R - I Recommend Powder for Long Term

    I have tried all the antibiotics used to treat UTIs (Bactrim, Macrobid, Cipro...) but none of them ever worked for me. The symptoms would go away for the time being, while I was taking the pills, but immediately came back afterwards. I struggled with this for about a year before trying D-Mannose pills. These are very good for fast relief (within 12 hours) and they worked well for me for quite a while (which is why I give this 5 stars), but as time went on, I noticed that I needed about 3 per day to keep my symptoms away. Also, if I missed a day of taking the pills, I would have symptoms the very next day. I just switched over to D-Mannose powder (and I provided the link below) and it is AMAZING. The first day after taking this, you can really tell that the UTI is gone and the effects last for days. I will continue taking this powder daily. I highly recommend it for those who are tired of turning to antibiotics to cure them.

  • Baby Sweats - An engaging experince with photo-realistic graphics to give a surreal look at WW1

    Prior to this battlefield, I have never played this series before. I have always enjoyed the Call of Duty style and perfer it. But, with the lastest COD game, it has gone stale and repetitive. The COD beta playthrough I had, just remined me of Black Ops 3 and just really felt lackluster. Seeing the Battlefield trailers and wanting to take a break from future warfare, I gave BF1 a chance. Holy Cow, what a difference in terms of gameplay and immersion. The sounds and look of the game just make a refreshing change of pace for FPS's. The storyline is short and multiplayer is not what I'm use to but, It is so damn fun and immersive, I don't see myself going back to COD anytime soon. Just the little things add to the experience, like when capturing a flag and music starts to play and your squadmates yell out a war cry, just puts a smile on your face. In the end, I'm glad I took a chance on BF1, it's truly a must own game that grabs your attention into the brutal and savage war.

  • Lavanah - Great Fun and Looking Forward to Sequel

    I absolutely loved watching this film and the antics of the narrators and participants of the film. I laughed and was amazed at different points in the film as it makes spoofs and satire of those ghost hunting t.v. shows but at the same time had some very interesting moments of "contact." I recommend this film and hope they make a Ghostumentary 2.