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  • JanieC - Helpful but some caveats

    I did use this review guide when studying for my CCA which I did pass. I had an older review guide (from 2010) that had a CD with practice questions and I used that also along with a website with practice questions. The best way to use this is to take every domain's exam and based on your scores determine where you should focus your studies. My lower scores were in reimbursement methodology, so I reviewed that chapter in my Health Information Management LaTour/Eichenwald/Maki textbook along with supplemental material from the Internet. I failed to review HIPAA privacy/ROI principles more closely, and that ended up being the lowest-scoring domain on the exam. So this is a TOOL to focus your studies -- not the be-all and end-all for preparation. I have heard of people complaining: "Not one question from the review guide was on the exam." Well, I'm not surprised. That's how these should be used: For PREPARATION, not MEMORIZATION. I believe I ran across one or two questions on the exam that were closely worded the same way in the review guide, but I don't think that's a failing of the review guide. Be aware that there is no CD-ROM with this. You will just be given an access code to the company website resource materials for this book which are basically the exact replication of the exams in the book, so you don't really gain anything but convenience if you like to use the online mode. If you purchase this book used, you will NOT be able to access the website if the former owner used the access code because it is tied to the original username/password account and also is valid for 365 days and will expire after that. BIG CAVEAT: I found at least 1 question, possibly 2 or more, with INCORRECT ANSWERS. I am dead certain of the one incorrect answer and am pretty sure of at least the second but was hard to prove (fraud versus abuse). So after discovering that incorrect answer, I felt less comfortable used this for my review. As I noted, it all turned out okay, but just be aware of that fact.

  • S. Morgan - Good vacuum with a major design flaw

    When it comes to performance, this is a great little vacuum...with one major drawback. Here are my notes on some of the features that commonly get commented on for the Navigator.

  • Gerard Piccolo - NHL 2014 Stadium Series Puck

    It's quality is consistent with the Blackhawks Championship Pucks I have as collectibles. It will be added to my Curio.

  • bmfcamaro - LeapPad Explorer

    Our kids got these as gifts and they love them (4 and 5yrs). The interface is very kid friendly. They love the stylus and how it controls all the features. The best game to start with is the Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleberg, as it teaches how to use the stylus and also basic things the LeapPad can do. I would definatley pick this over an iPad for young kids due to simply misdirection with the iPads. They tend to take kids out of apps to get them to buy more things (ie in app purchases). With the LeapPad only the parents can buy additional material unless your child knows how to use a computer. It will be much harder to ruin this than and iPad as well.