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ejfr.org home - East Jefferson Fire Rescue - East Jefferson Fire Rescue has been providing fire suppression, fire prevention and education, and emergency medical services on a 24/7 basis since 1873.

  • http://www.ejfr.org/about/apparatus/index.php What We Drive Apparatus (aka Apparatus) : East Jefferson Fire-Rescue - About the ambulances, boats, engines and other apparatus that East Jefferson Fire-Rescue drives
  • http://www.ejfr.org/customers/index.php Fire Safety and Prevention Public Service Information from East Jefferson Fire - Rescue - Fire Safety, Prevention, Life Safety, Community Involvement, and general Safety Tips from East Jefferson Fire Rescue
  • http://www.ejfr.org/prepare/index.php How We Prepare - East Jefferson Fire Rescue (EJFR) - How EJFR trains to provide fire suppression, fire prevention and education, and emergency medical services to east Jefferson County, Washington State

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    City: -81.3792 Florida, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Resveratol works great for a weak heart.

    My husband had a very weak heart before trying the Omega Q Plus 100 Resveratol. His heart is now strong and he feels good. It is expensive, but we feel it is worth it!

  • Carolina Girl - Royal finally gave in to majesty

    From the first moment Majesty saw Royal he wanted her. Royal wasn't going for it at first but she gave in. Destiny is a mess with her thugged out self. Her and Drake needs to stop fronting like they not together. Polo rubbed me the wrong way. I think he mad about Majesty and Royal being together. Chinx needs to let it go and move on. Lisa needs to go back in hiding. Why would someone be shooting at their house and no one knew where he stayed. Polo up to something I feel it he seem off and was occupied on the phone. Was he texting Lisa or the dude he tried to put on?????????

  • Misha - What a story!

    Punk 57 was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and wow, did Penelope Douglas deliver! I was intrigued by the synopsis, but it honestly barely scratches the surface on this fantastic story. Ryen and Misha were both very well developed. I love characters who feel and act real. Each was flawed in different ways, and yet it wasn't difficult to root for them. The angst was delicious, and the chemistry between Ryen and Misha was electric. The message of the story was on point. Douglas is such a talented storyteller. She swept me right into Ryen and Misha's world, and I loved every minute.

  • jpalko - Worst Device I've Seen in 20 Years! Or should I say worst setup and support I've ever seen.

    This is about as bad as it gets. First of all I am very tech savy and have been working with computers, computer cameras and other peripherals for 20 years. Instructions from manufacturer are to install a setup file from the included disk. Guess what...the files doesn't exist on the disk. I went to their site and the manufacturer answered a FAQ with there are no programs to install on the included disk. This sure made me wonder what was going on. So I searched the pyle audio webpage for a very long time and it doesn't appear that they have any files on their webpage to install the device. I then installed the windows camera helper from their disk. It then told me the ip address of the camera. I went to that address and was able to connect to the camera for a few moments. It gave me a way to install the ACTIVE or similar named program for the Windows explorer. I installed and then it told me it was an old file and I needed the new file (I just downloaded it???). I then looked for the reset button on the camera and to my surprise there was no actual button in the hole. Now I'm really laughing. OK so I did it. I held the imaginary reset button for 2 minutes just in case they has something on the circuit board I didn't know about. Nope...no reset. At this point I decided the device is going back to it's maker. Guess what there is NO way to talk to tech support. You must sign up and review the device before you can write tech support. Of course I gave them the review they deserve. Good luck everyone.

  • Dj BR - No back support

    No back support, echoing others reviews and this is why we returned. Liked all the other features, but my daughter looked uncomfortable while riding in it.

  • DocHoliday - which would be nice to have an idea of proper technique

    I've just started to learn to play using this. I've got my PS4 running the audio directly to a separate audio source using optical and there is hardly any noticeable lag (I don't play that fast so that may be why). It does have a problem recognizing when you play a string some times. There is also no left hand instructions, which would be nice to have an idea of proper technique. The instructions for using the right hand are rudimentary at best. Overall, with some help from Google on proper basic technique, this is a fun way to learn.