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  • G. Dawson - Another great collection

    I love this collection, and I read it almost every year. Some years are better than others, and I think this is one of the good ones. There are stories by classic short story authors like Joyce Carol Oates (I think she's in almost annual every collection) and TC Boyle and also by some contemporary big names (like Joshua Ferris and Karen Russell). As usual, many of the stories were previously published in The New Yorker, Granta, and The Paris Review. But what I liked most about this collection is that it introduced me to some new authors (OA Lindsey and Molly McNett, for example) that published their stories in less main stream publications.

  • Gerald M. Azenaro - Amazing practice tool.

    Rocksmith 2014 is an amazing tool. I've been messing around with guitars for 30 years, but never had the patience to methodically learn to play. I don't really have time for lessons from a teacher or the patience to teach myself tab. So I diddled around with an acoustic for literally decades. When I heard about Rocksmith I though it was a neat idea, but the original version had pretty mediocre review so I never tried it. When 2014 came out and I started to hear good things about it, I bought it as soon as it went on sale.

  • Glenda Goehrs - Jim Collins Does It Again

    Reader-friendly GOOD TO GREAT is one of those rare books that presents important research findings, and then explains in a clear, concise and compelling manner how to take that learning and directly apply it to effect a good-to-great transformation in any company.

  • Judith Louvis - Fun to visit familiar characters

    Brockmann never disappoints. Fun to visit familiar characters, eager to find out more about the new ones. The language is a bit rough ( SEALS - what do you expect?) and I have to censure what comes out of my mouth after immersing myself in one of her books.

  • Pen Name - Works like the big one for satellite radio.

    This little antenna works just as well as the much larger antenna I took off my car. It doesn't flop around like to old one and fits in perfectly to the old hole.

  • J.Blook - Save your money.

    Arrived undamaged.Followed instructions for setting machine up and did all the required steps.Used it and tried to make a decent espresso and no luck at all.Espresso came out like strong coffee from a drip maker.Machine would not froth milk at all came on and off for no reason.Machine night make a good door stop but as for coffee forget it.I needed a espresso machine for work but I guess the quest will continue.

  • M. Bassett - Lack of pinch-to-zoom is a deal breaker for me

    My eyesight's not bad and yet the largest of the three typeface offerings is still too small. It's a shame. The New Yorker's always been my favorite magazine but I won't be renewing my subscription.