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ECR Brasil - Associado ECR Europa - ECR é um movimento global, no qual empresas industriais e comerciais, juntamente com os demais integrantes da cadeia de abastecimento, trabalham em conjunto na busca de padrões comuns e processos eficientes que permitam minimizar os custos e otimizar a produtividade em suas relações.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • hailstone - cartoon character

    the characters are not at all believable they dont act in ways that are logical or real. Too many times the hero acts like a jerk, is severely injured or put in silly situations. the book doesn't hold together

  • Amazon Customer - Great for price

    The oils seem to be of quality. I only like 4 of the scents. But for the price, I can find something to do with the other 2. One smells like a potent pine sol. I like pine sol so I guess I can clean with that one. I use lavender, lemongrass, and orange in my diffuser. Love those!

  • michael vega - best ever

    this is the wave of the future. streaming movies at a great price. with a great selection of movies with user friendly controls. can't beat that.

  • Bruce MacDermott - Needs Work

    I upgraded because my Quicken Home and Business 2010 was loosing functionality as of next April. Too bad they released this version with some annoying bugs. I spent over an hour with one of their CSR's, trying to get them to tell me how to eliminate the Downloaded Transaction window that pops up at the bottom of the register, even when there are no transactions, before he admitted that it was a known issue. Talk about bone head service! He could have told me in the first place before having me do all sorts of backups and rebuilds, that accomplished nothing. They have yet to come up with a fix. Stick with 2013 until they get this ironed out.

  • Pat Sands - Book of month pick

    This is to me a deplorable book. I can't find anything remotely kind to write. Anger, bitterness, vengeful, self-righteousness in justifying her actions. Two wrongs do not make anything right...even in a fiction book on how to callously destroy lives.....can't recommend this book on any level.