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Optometrist Eye Doctor Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate & Tamarac - Vision World has eye doctors who offer quality care for adults and kids eye health and vision care. Serving Coral Springs, Margate, Parkland & Tamarac.

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  • http://www.drvisionworld.com/services/vision-therapy/ Vision Therapy - Vision therapy is type of non-surgical, physical therapy for the eyes and brain for problems like lazy eye, crossed eyes, and some learning disabilities.
  • http://www.drvisionworld.com/services/foreign-body-removal/ Foreign Body Removal - Vision World specializes in Foreign Body Removal. Depending on the object and how deep it enters the eye, foreign objects can be serious.
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  • Jess F - Great for hanging my tablet!

    I used these to mount an old tablet to the wall in my kitchen so I can use it for recipes and entertainment in the kitchen. I made sure the wall and the back of the tablet were clean before attaching the strips. I also made sure to press firmly for a few minutes to make sure they had a good stick. It has worked great for the past few months and they were so useful and easy to use.

  • Adrian Rivero - Close to Perfect

    Great mouse with absolutely the best tracking I've ever seen. I wear a medium size glove and use a hybrid grip on mice. The Finalmouse Tournament Pro fits my hands almost perfectly. The coating is similar to that of a FK2 and is very comfortable. The only issues I have with the mouse is that the scroll wheel is too sensitive. Fortunately, it is fine enough for gaming. Lastly I wish the mouse buttons were slightly smaller because I dont use them. However, these are both personal preferences. Overall, the Tournament Pro is the best gaming mouse I've ever used, and I would definitely recommend it.

  • Matthew - I love the cards I got

    I love the cards I got. I was able to make a few solid decks for casual play with my friends. However, three of my rares were cut one pretty badly. Overall, pretty happy.

  • Screenwriter2013 - Frustrated with Spring 2013 HSD

    I was so excited when I bought the Spring 2013 Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. I have just finished my script and am eager to send it out.

  • warren - Bugging out part 3.

    They seemed to go for it big time when its soft, but it hardens and thy ignored it--can't say it did much of anything.

  • Alisa Montano - not good for me

    I really wish i liked this product - but i keep getting skin reaction after i take it. In 2-5 minutes my skin gets spoting red, burning and itching all over my legs, elbows, wrists, ears and butt. I ve never gotten reaction like that before. I tried to take a smaller dose, but still get the reaction.