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Applied Kinesiology Center of Clearwater - Dr Terry Hambrick - Dr. Terry Hambrick is a Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist who serves Clearwater, Safety Harbor and the surrounding communities in FL .

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  • pabookgal - Light weight and hydrating .

    This is a nice light weight and hydrating serum . The texture of the product is very thin and clear . It is not sticky nor is it oily . The serum glides on skin smoothly and will be absorbed quickly . ( This is a good thing b / c you don't want a product sitting on top of the skin , only to be evaporated ! ) This serum did not make my face feel sticky or tacky . This serum will also not cause your skin to feel or look oily or greasy . You can layer this with other skin care products and / or make up , with no pilling issues . I love that it hydrated my skin so well that I did not feel the need for a moisturizer after I applied it . Don't get me wrong , this serum wont replace a moisturizer in the drier winter months , but for me , it was just enough during the summer months . ( As a reference , I have combo skin , that tends to get clogged pores easily and the occasional pimple . )

  • Kevin Nevias - Stopped working shortly after receiving and does not appear to be very well made

    I purchased this camera and was very disappointed. It stopped working shortly after charging it, but even if it didn't stop working I probably would have returned it. While it is very inexpensive, it doesn't appear to be very well made and I would have doubts about its durability.

  • T. Dennison - Not for use with Guinea pigs.

    I thought it would be cool to spray it near the guinea pig. Mistake. He ran around in circles like he was posessed, so I let him out of the cage. He sprinted at full speed into the wall and knocked himself out. Now he has a little limp. I wonder if children will have the same reaction.

  • Ragnar Danneskj√∂ld - Not as accurate as some reviews hint

    I'm not a cardiologist, but I can perform equipment tests with ease. This machine measures my blood pressure with such a huge variation, I can't use the numbers, nor trust them.

  • Dylan Woody - No depth whatsoever

    I'm suprised this game had food reviews, there is no depth at all. Drive your ambulance from wherever the game starts you to a green point about 25 seconds down the road. The paramedic will get out, tie someone's shoe and get back in (typically not getting in the door they got out of). No siren controls, no light controls, only a horn. Traffic doesn't abide either.