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Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Kim - Choose the Best in Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. John Kim is a Harvard- and Stanford-educated surgeon, nationally recognized in plastic surgery. He practices out of Northwestern Memorial and Prentice Women's Hospital.

  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/john-kim-m-d/ Dr. John Kim, M.D. - Northwestern Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Chicago, IL - Dr. John Kim is a board certified plastic surgeon at Northwestern in Chicago, who specializes in plastic surgery procedures of the breast, body and face, as well as reconstructive breast procedures.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/contact/ Contact Dr. John Kim of Northwestern Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Use this contact form to schedule a free consultation with renowned Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. John Kim, a leading provider of plastic and reconstructive procedures.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/cv-and-publications/ CV and Publications of Dr. John Kim - Media and Education - Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is nationally recognized for his innovative work on breast reconstruction surgery and other areas of plastic surgery. He has published more than 130 articles.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/dr-john-kim-in-the-news/ Dr. John Kim - in the News - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine HealthDay News from the American College of Surgeons The National Institute of Health's
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/first-visit/ Plastic Surgery Consultations - Your First Visit to our Chicago Practice - Learn more about what will happen during your initial consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Kim, an attending surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/3d-camera-technology/ 3D Camera Technology - Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim’s Chicago plastic surgery practice is equipped with the latest technology, including Vectra 3D imaging to help patients understand the results they can expect from treatment.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/testimonials/ Dr. John Kim Reviews - Patient Testimonials & Stories - Read testimonials from real plastic surgery patients who have been treated by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. John Kim in Chicago.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/useful-resources/ Useful Resources - Useful Resources Highlighted below are useful plastic surgery resources. www.breastcancer.org www.plasticsurgery.org www.loveyourlook.com www
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/breast-reconstruction/ Breast Reconstruction Chicago - Leading Surgeon Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim is a world leader in breast reconstruction, having performed over 5,000 surgeries. He often leads sessions on leading-edge reconstruction techniques following mastectomy.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/expander-implant-reconstruction/ Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction Chicago - Dr. John Kim - Learn about the tissue expander approach to breast reconstruction surgery, as performed by Dr. John Kim of Northwestern Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Chicago.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/direct-implant-breast-reconstruction/ Direct to Implant Breast Reconstruction - Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim performs direct to implant breast reconstruction surgery on Chicago patients immediately following a mastectomy.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/abdominal-flaps/ Breast Reconstruction with Abdominal Flap in Chicago - Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim discusses the abdominal flap approach to breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy for the treatment of cancer in Chicago.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/latissimus-flap/ Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction in Chicago - Breast Cancer Surgery - Dr. Kim of Northwestern Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, performs Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction for Chicago patients
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/radiation-therapy-and-breast-reconstruction/ Radiation Therapy and Breast Reconstruction - Dr. John Kim - Learn more about the effects of radiation therapy on breast reconstruction results from experienced Northwestern reconstructive surgeon Dr. John Kim.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/revision-breast-reconstruction/ Revision Breast Reconstruction in Chicago - Dr. John Kim - Reasons for revision breast reconstruction are different for each woman. Dr. Kim of Northwestern Plastic Surgery goes over potential effects of breast reconstruction.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/breast-augmentation/ Breast Augmentation Chicago - Leading Surgeon Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim at Northwestern is a leading breast augmentation surgeon, and practices in Chicago. He specializes in minimal scarring and minimal downtime for his patients.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/breast-reduction/ Breast Reduction Chicago - Relief from Large Breasts | Dr. Kim - Overly large breasts can be painful, and make many women self-conscious. Leading breast surgeon Dr. John Kim provides breast reduction surgery to Chicago women.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/breast-lift/ Breast Lift Chicago - Leading Breast Surgeon Dr. John Kim - When looking for the best breast lift surgeon in Chicago, many patients come to Dr. John Kim. Dr. Kim received degrees from Harvard and Stanford, earning top honors.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/revision-breast-surgery/ Breast Revision Surgery Chicago - Industry Leader Dr. John Kim - When undergoing breast revision surgery, it's important to choose a top surgeon. Northwestern's Dr. Kim is a leading authority on breast surgery, having performed over 5,000 surgeries.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/brca1brca2-gene-mutations/ BRCA1/BRCA2 - Preventative Breast Reconstruction in Chicago - Dr. Kim - Dr. John Kim, a Chicago breast reconstruction surgeon and Attending Surgeon at Northwestern, shares information about BRCA1/BRCA2 gene mutations that can increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/faceliftnecklift/ Facelift & Neck Lift Chicago | Northwestern Medical - Dr. Kim - Dr. John Kim has performed over 5,000 surgeries. His expertise allows him to perform beautiful facelifts and neck lifts with minimal scarring and downtime.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/rhinoplasty-2/ Rhinoplasty Chicago - Leading Northwestern Surgeon John Kim - Harvard- and Stanford-educated surgeon Dr. John Kim performs beautiful rhinoplasties in Chicago for those who are self-conscious about the size or shape of their nose.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/brow-lift/ Brow Lift Surgery Chicago - Forehead Lift with Dr. John Kim - Northwestern plastic surgeon Dr. John Kim is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who frequently performs brow lift surgery for his patients throughout Chicago.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/eyelid-surgery/ Eyelid Lift Surgery Chicago - Blepharoplasty with Dr. John Kim - Dr. John Kim is a widely respected and experienced facial plastic surgeon at Northwestern who performs upper and lower eyelid surgery in Chicago.
  • http://www.drkimsurgery.com/liposuction/ Liposuction Chicago - Body Contouring Illinois - Dr. John Kim - Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Kim is an attending surgeon at Northwestern who performs liposuction surgery for men and women in Chicago who wish to enhance their body contours and get rid of stubborn fat deposits.

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    I found this cream didn't absorb as fast as I'd like and I still find it hard to wrap my head around using a hormone cream available OTC. So this 3 star rating is only because I just don't know. I may try to give it another chance but for now the prometrium and vivelle dot along with a little testosterone gel are working wonders (in every possible way).