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Dr. John Limbers - Dr John Limbers is an orthopaedic surgeon on the Central Coast and Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga who specialises in joint replacement such as knee, hip and ankle replacement surgery and arthroscopy plus foot and ankle surgery

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • TripleBullet187 - Working so far.

    Worked for me on my home THC tests. Went from Positive to Negative. Chugged the bottle at 11:30, re-filled it with water at 12:00, drank the water and finished it at 12:30. Pee'd 3 times and then did a home THC test and came up Negative. Still awaiting lab results from my job. Did another test about an hour after I got back home and was still negative. It at least works for home tests. Awaiting results for my job test. Will update.

  • Amazon Customer - Handy book for learning Office 2016

    I like books that help me with computer programs and show actual page examples. Though I feel pretty strong in some the programs covered )like word and excel) it is good to see more short cut reminders. Also I am not that familiar with Access so having more information on how to go through this program makes me feel more confident in using it. I am sure you might be able to also access the information online but for those who like to have their program open and use the book rather then flipping back and forth between screens then this may be a great option.

  • ArunR - Perfect for my needs

    This thing worked like a charm. Keep in mind , it wont last days. I think its good for an event or something and don't get too sweat. I will 100% buy this product again. I still have some applications to go. This lasted about 3months for me, depends on the size of the area being applied too i guess.

  • howard purcell - Body Solid GSCL360 problem

    I manage a recreation center and all love the machine. One problem-the right upper shoulder-the metal insert for one of the bolts was pushed down into the padding, so only one bolt is folding the pad onto the frame.