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  • Dona R - Great boost for the immune system!

    This helped my cats fight a virus that went through our crew (we have 9 cats). I managed to prevent 4 cats from getting the virus by adding this to their wet food daily. It has also helped our "senior" cat feel better! He has become more active, his eyes are bright again and his coat is no longer appearing oily. I will be keeping him on it regularly from now on!

  • Patricia Abramson - I love this program and have the 2008 version with the ...

    I love this program and have the 2008 version with the USB GPS & it still works fine (well in my windows 7 laptop)....even if the Hotels , restaurants, campgrounds etc are out of date. I have other iphone apps for that up-to-date info....BUT this is the best also for planning in advance multi stop trips. You can add notes/comments right on the map. PROBLEM IS MS NO LONGER SUPPORTING Streets & Trips . link posted below.

  • Michele L. Maslo - Nice concept

    The ball compartment attaches with a small plastic clip. It keeps falling out when my son is working on hitting. Would have just purchased a more expensive one had I know ahead of time, but it had great reviews until I went to other sites and found the same problem listed.

  • A. Curtis - No good ... DOA

    While the 1 star may be harsh ... it did arrive DOA. This was a gift for a family member and they said that it would not stay on for more than a few seconds and that it felt/sounded like something was loose on the inside. Item was returned and that process was 4/5 stars due to the ease of working with the seller and the Amazon return process.

  • Burn0u7 - awesome tech toy

    I bought 2 of these (one for me, one for my boss lol dont judge me :) so far, the ONLY complaint i have is the smartphone app and direct wifi. Here is why i have an issue... you MUST connect your phone to cozmo's direct wifi. when you are connected to him you have no wifi data for the internet. you MUST have the app up and focused. otherwise, he goes brainless and goes to sleep. Now, if the devs change that where the app can run in background, and have the ability to connect to your general wifi around the house or work that would be the best idea. My situation i have to decide play with cozmo, or let my phone connect to the web and the cell network (i have no cell signal inside the office but it uses wifi calling) so if i'm connected to cozmo i have no ability to receive calls, texts, etc. so that's my only complaint. otherwise, its a fun toy. its personality is unique and it is everything the marketing videos promise. Its kinda neat when cozmo looks at you and he says your name.

  • Compute - Lovely

    I have purchased the Holiday Barbie dolls for my granddaughter ever since she was born. She loves seeing them on the shelves in her room. This Holiday Barbie is one of the prettier Barbies that we have gotten. Although this is not an item for children to play with and there is really no educational value, she still enjoys getting them. I used my Amazon price check app and saved when I purchased the item.

  • Rev Chris - a nice mix of the nominated songs

    I gave this album a 4, because I liked most of the songs on it. I can listen to it often and added the songs I do like to my shuffle list on my iPod. I would recommend this album to lovers of diverse American pop music from 2013! I am glad that I bought it.