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  • Jennifer R. Cramer - ... bigger children (26 and 40 lbs) but otherwise a GREAT running stroller

    The fit is a bit tight for two bigger children (26 and 40 lbs) but otherwise a GREAT running stroller. Does well over bumpy and snowy terrain

  • Tim Floto - My favorite application for all kinds of notes

    OneNote allows me write everything from reminders to diary to stories. It allows me to customize every kind writing and journaling. I can add images and more.

  • Julia's Disciple - backlash

    i have been using this for a few weeks and have not noticed any difference in my lashes. used to use MD Lash Factor but the new one i bought does not work either and irritates my eyes. a lot of hype for nothing. this is my last attempt. i am going to use false eyelashes when i need to have great peepers. btw, none of these products work anymore since the FDA banned the use of the ingredients that make the lashes longer.

  • Ewaldo5122 - This is a scam

    I was checking the price and they kept adding extras that came to $115.00 so I did not order. Weeks later it was on my bank card. I tried to put a stop order but it was to late, The same day I got a email stating the order had been shipped. After reading some of the problems others have had in returning and not to incur any more costs I will just keep the junk. Lesson learned. .

  • P. Nguyen - 99 Problems and # 2 is 1.

    I am pretty neurtral about this product. We have been using it for 2 weeks now as my little one has started eating solids. **TMI ALERT** She gets constipated as her little tummy is not quite developed, so she really strains while making a bowel movement. We started her on this as it's a natural product and Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water was GREAT, so we figured why not try. It didn't really improve much, if at all. Maybe I have to use it for a few more weeks and see, but so far baby girl is still grunting while doing the deed.

  • Jeff W. - Having seen pastors in leadership leave their first love, I see this book as a real help ...

    A must read for those in church leadership. Very practical. Can prevent burnout. Having seen pastors in leadership leave their first love, I see this book as a real help in preventing more from becoming exhausted and ineffective. - We have a group of church leaders reading it right now.