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Doctor Abhideep Chaudhary| Liver Transplant Surgeon India, Best Liver Transplant Doctor India - Dr Abhideep Chaudhary - renowned liver transplant surgeon and specialist with unprecedented track record of high success rate in treatment.

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    I love this product. A friend of mine recommended to me as "life saver". And it is! I wish I knew about it with my older kids, they would have been spared of several ear infections.... This nasal aspirator works great for the baby, I used it for my two months old and was amazed of all the "stuff" it sucked out - I would have never been able to suck that out with just the regular nasal pump. Highly recommended! I know it sounds "weird" to connect it to an actual vacuum, but don't worry, it's very safe! (although you can't escape the vacuum noise!)

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    This did not touch the pain in my wrist. In fact after using it my wrist was even more sore. But, that is probably not the fault of the cream itself, just that I am paying more attention to the wrist sicne smearing it with the cream. And, the cream does not absorb into the skin. It turned whits as I rubbed it in and it sat on my skin, but it didn't do anything. It seems to be to watery to absorb at all, and just is not something I could use. Unless the cream rubs into the skin and doesn't just sit on top of it..and I rubbed a long time, and let it sit a long time. Just an icky white cream sitting on my skin. Not my cup of tea for sure! It seems to work well for some, but I prefer something that absorbs into the skin and doesn't feel greasy like this did at first. Just not for me!

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