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  • Marianne Stone - Secure *looking*, but wall bracket has a serious design flaw.

    So, after getting a stud finder, measuring where I can put my TV, drilling pilot holes, and lining up the wall bracket, I began the process of screwing in the wall bracket. It is at this point that I discovered that the endcaps on the swivel mechanism block the screw from going all the way into the wall. Only about 1/2 inch of screw went in before it got blocked by an endcap; enough to "securely" fasten the bracket to drywall. Perhaps this is what the many other reviewers saying the screws aren't long enough are talking about? I could not believe my eyes, but it's true; the self-tap lag screw cannot get past the swivel endcap. Totally unacceptable for something that I need to trust to hold up a big, heavy television.

  • jenelo - Amazing Product

    This mask is the only thing that has helped clear cystic acne on my face. After the first time using it I immediately noticed that my cysts had shrunk in size and were less painful. I use it as a spot treatment at night and it has worked wonders on my face. Do not hesitate to give this product a try. Worth every penny.