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  • Margaret - Obnoxious roommate problem solver

    Sharing an apartment with three 17-19 year old freshmen, getting their first inebriated taste of adult life, is perpetual roller coaster of sleep disturbances and constant reinforcement of the maxim "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity." [Albert Einstein]

  • Russe - A little peeved... But now a lover!

    New Review: When I first got first got this product, I was super disappointed. The bulb didn't work! I posted the review below, Remington read it, and they sent me a new one ASAP at no cost - which was awesome. I have now had the product for about two years (and still on that same bulb!) and absolutely love it! I am in my mid twenty's, female, dark brown hair and super pale skin (think Snow White... or a ghost). My major insecurities came from a nice dark happy trail I believe i inherited from my dad (ugh). I was so self-concious when I was a teenager and in college when I wanted to wear a swimsuit. If I shaved the area, you could still tell there was hair there because my pale skin would show the hair underneath. Plus, I would get major shaving irritation. If I waxed, it would go away for a while but then grow back at different rates and gave me terrible ingrowns. In short I felt awful. I bought this strictly to get rid of the happy trail, and I have never been happier. I can finally walk around in a bathing suit and show my stomach without wanting to cover myself up with my arms or a shirt. I have also started experimenting with my armpits, and boy does that thing HURT (I use it on full setting), but it works! It takes a little longer to see results (maybe 2 weeks using it 2-3/week), but when I did, I was completely hair free!!!! I am hair-free for about a month before it starts coming back (at which point is the time to start taking it back out again so it doesn't take as long to get rid of it again). After reading reviews on upper-lip areas, I may start doing that as well!

  • coopercrew - Amazing!

    I took this only one day and I ordered more. I took two pills in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime. I did not need to take my normal allergy meds. I normally take 1 Zyrtec in the morning and 2 Benadryl at night.

  • Chris - this is a total piece of garbage I better get my money back

    If I can give this 0 stars I would...there is no iPhone 7 yet I ran a search for iPhone 6s and this came up...based on what I now see are fake reviews I got duped..congrats...this is a total piece of garbage I better get my money back