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  • Mom to Many - Small child had an accident on my sofa, problem solved!

    Several years ago we literally hauled our sofa to the dump after a small child had a wet accident on it. Yesterday another wet spot showed up on our sofa. I ran for Kids n' Pets. The last thing I need is sofa odor. I was concerned about color fastness, but after doing a small test I went for it. I poured this on the spot, let it sit for 5 minutes and then blotted the spot. The spot is dry this morning and looks great! And the best part is there is no odor. Kids n' Pets has a nice smell, but it's not strong.

  • D.Man - Love it, but way Too Pricey!!!

    I would like to add I purchased office pro 2010 w/3 installs and dvd for half a c-note less than the standard version. It took a little looking around but it's out there and 100% legit!!! Good luck!!! Don't be suckered into paying these absurd prices. All you have to do is click buy it now!!! Get it?

  • Just G - awesome product but why so much $ on Amazon?

    I have used this product for several years and truly love it. No alcohol, no offensive taste, no burning - AND - it works! My only question is why is this product so expensive on Amazon? I now buy it at Walmart for $7.97 per bottle. The toothpaste is the same price. I hope Amazon negotiates a better price - I would rather support Amazon than Wallie World.

  • Meathooks - It worked just as promised

    I followed directions exactly using the longest times listed for leaving on hair. I then went to test 1 hour later and I passed! It took 3 days to get results and I was worried the whole time but it did work. I was a regular user of smokage and quit about 2 weeks before test. I used clean towel and a new shirt. I scored the job Ive been wanting all my life. Jackpot baby!

  • Snuffles - lightweight. does the job.

    Pretty light. Its like 11 poumds. BUT dont be fooled by the video, when folded the wheels do rub against your pant leg when slung over your back, so wear jeans or something washable.

  • J. Blanco - Bad design

    For what Crest Advanced White Strips costs, Crest could have added an inch in width, and at least a quarter inch in height to the lower strip. If you want to whiten your middle four, and part of two other teeth, this will work, but beyond that, forget about it. Who did Crest design these for, little kids?