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  • jennifer g - this series was awesome. I read it again and again

    this series was awesome. I read it again and again. then with the additions in this one it made it even better. the best add on ever!

  • canuseeit? - Former Brand Partner

    I signed up as a brand partner last year and started using the product immediately. I have never done multi-level marketing before but the before and after pics and testimonials at the meeting were amazing so I made a $500 investment. The first couple of months I could see a minor difference but nothing after that. I have now been using it for almost 8 months and I still have the crows feet, my one and only age spot and large pores. I quit selling a few months ago because I didn't believe in the product anymore and all of my "preferred customers" cancelled their accounts so I wasn't getting free bottles anymore. My customers cancelled for 2 reasons, one because they were not seeing the results promised and the other is that the bottle of product lasts about 6 weeks and they send out your new bottle every 30 days on auto ship. Another thing that I didn't like was the overly aggressive sales approach. I was pressured from the lady that I was working under more than I was at my full time job! Just my experience. Maybe someone else has seen great results. Not for me though!

  • dove - I love it!

    since I am taking this product I never got sick, no flu, no cold. its boost my immune system very efficiently.

  • Suzanne Arthurs - ... in the first 2 weeks - that was a pretty high number so I decided to give it a ...

    Was excited to see 77% of people saw improvement in the first 2 weeks - that was a pretty high number so I decided to give it a shot. It's been well over a month and not one nail has improved. Total waste of money, does not work.

  • James & Whitney - Well made, very stylish case

    Still waiting on my phone, but that doesn't mean I can review the case itself. This thing is great! Just by the looks it is very professional yet so stylish. Anyone can put it on their phone and feel comfortable having it on there. The slider for the back works well as both a kickstand and an area for your cards. I will say, I am unsure how often I will keep important cards in there as they do seem a bit unsafe when in kickstand mode. I lose things constantly and drop things all the time, so this would be my luck with this case. The case itself is a great two tone color, made of great materials and seems like quite the sturdy case. I also really like that it wraps to the front of the phone giving an extra bit of protection for the glass screen when it's dropped. Overall, I'd say go for it! This is a really good and really good looking case.