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Wszystko o depresji - Depresja.info - Depresja to jedno z najtragiczniejszych w skutkach zaburzeń nastroju. Zrozumienie i leczenie depresji może przywróić radość życia chorym na depresję.

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • Calvin Ly - Very unhappy about this product. Clearly it was advertised ...

    Very unhappy about this product. Clearly it was advertised in a similar manner as the other version BUT this one does not include the state software option. But hell, I guess the company has to make money somehow I guess.

  • Hui Chen - It works as price you pay for it.

    Easy to start, acceptable power but only good for flat yard. I will not recommend for the yard have a lot of tree roots or a lot of slope. It only be need once a year so be it.

  • J. R. Depeaux - Saved my humanity!

    So, after I sold my left kidney to pick up one of these cables, only to find out the picture and sound were no better than they were with my trusty old 

  • Ninjoe - ... 7 year old was able to play this game fine, he enjoyed it

    My 7 year old was able to play this game fine, he enjoyed it. Seems like a good buy version of grand theft auto. you can use any car on the road, but you dont throw anyone out of it.

  • J. Golia - That kills fleas pretty much on contact

    This stuff works for about an hour. It irritates skin. Does not prevent fleas from coming back and over all, does not do the job. It sometimes kills fleas on contact but it is not worth the price. Do yourself a favor, save your money, your dogs skin, your lungs, and about a weeks worth of hassle and go out to buy DAWN liquid dish soap, mix it with alot of water and use that on live fleas, it won't irritate skin as much (just don't reapply too often) keep it in a spray bottle for your fur babies and yourself. Dawn kills fleas pretty much on contact !!! Also if you want to kill the flea eggs buy Borax detergent powder, do not use topically, if you have an infestation buy every box of borax you can find, spread it where ever you have the problem, leave it on the carpet and furniture for a few hours but it's better if you leave it a day or more, then vacuum it up. Repeat the process every 2 weeks. Yes, it's a big hassle and mess, yes your peace of mind will be more than tested but the upside is Borax is cheap and is gentle enough to walk on touch with your hands and breath in. Good luck, I understand the trauma involved with flea problems ... God help you and God Speed !

  • Natalie - Great sock for a larger calf!

    These socks are very comfortable. I bought them to wear under tall boots and they are perfect. I have a 20" calf and there is actually some sock left at the top.

  • Susan Reichert - Light weight, but pretty nice

    We bought this for a house-warming gift. Henckels is a great name in cutlery - that's why we bought it. The only thing that surprised us was the light weight of the knives. They looked good - maybe they deserve a higher rating because weight doesn't mean quality. Recipient seemed to be very happy with them.