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Central Texas Medical Center: San Marcos Hospital - Compassion to all and dedicated to creating a healthy community. A Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Accreditation hospital. Conveniently located off I-35.director pathology child life cancer childbirth medicine physicians central texas medical center san marcos

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  • https://www.ctmc.org/aboutus.aspx Welcome to Central Texas Medical Center: About Us - A community health resource and part of the Adventist Health System. Providing Protestant Christian Healthcare to San Marcos, TX and the surrounding area.
  • https://www.ctmc.org/giving Support Our Ministry - The CTMC Foundation holds events throughout the year to raise funds for new hospital units and to extend the healing ministry.
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  • https://www.ctmc.org/care-services/creation-health-institute CREATION Health Institute - The CTMC CREATION Health Institute offers a wide array of additional programs and classes that focus on disease management and much more.
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  • TheBoys777 - Maybe Just me

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  • Christopher Culver - Original, fresh, and the beginning of Massive Attack's power

    Released in 1990, BLUE LINES was the first LP by Massive Attack, a trio from Bristol that had colloborated together before, with others, as the Wild Bunch. The nine tracks of BLUE LINES hit contemporary music in the gut, creating a new style that was more melodic than hip-hop but still retaining a beat. Combining the soulful singing of Shara Nelson, the rapping of Grant Marshall and Robert Del Naja, and the reggae crooning of Horace Andy, this album was something new and exciting.

  • nodice - Entertaining

    3.5 stars. I was highly entertained, but then again I was sipping on Lemoncello while watching. I agree with other reviewer that this film is a combination of every catastrope film that you have ever watched before. But truth be told, I sort of enjoyed all those that came before this as well. I like that the last suspenseful moments are from our heroes screwing up, but I really didn't like losing the step-father in all this and am not at all sure that our main hero, Jackson, deserved winning his family back. I think an ending of father and step-father accepting each other would have played better. I mean, did the wife even miss her husband? She just bounced back with the first husband like it wasn't nothing. My main problem is the selling of tickets for such a major amount. I mean, the currency won't mean anything in a world of no goverment. Seems like having each continent invest in thousands of Noah Arks would have boosted the economy for the three years that they knew of the approaching end of days and they could have save a whole lot more people. 3 three years and 50 states building arks. How is this a bad plan? Some assistant being listened to as head of state? There were a lot questionable decisions, but like I said with the right buss you will still find this great entertainment.

  • Sam Frommer - Cool Gadget

    It amazes me how such a thin and compact device can be so intelligent. I am delighted with my purchase and it was an absolute bargain. I would recommend to others who like a helping hand in managing the whereabouts of their personal belongings. Even better than I thought it would be. It is extremely reliable, robust and weather resistant, surviving the extreme Scottish weather better than I do. It is cheap compared to similar products on the market but is by far the best one I have used. Great product and customer service. Very happy. 5 stars from me!!

  • E. K. Wlin - Why all other companies discontinued their mapping software ?

    There are no mapping software available for laptops after about 30 minutes of searching online and I can save you that time. The ones available are old versions and most of them don't run on Windows 10. For example, Microsoft Streets and Trips and Delorme 2014 are older versions and they do not work with Windows 10, only Delorme version 2015 does. I have tried Delorme 2008 on Win 10, everything worked except it was unable to locate a COM port for my GPS, so I purchased this new version. Other companies have discontinued their mapping software or have stopped updating them except for Delorme (who did very little update but at least got their software running with Windows 10) since the maps are easier to update online in real time with Goggle and Microsoft sites. That is why Google and Microsoft maps are more accurate and updated. I do use my phone for reference or as a primary GPS guide depending on the need. For example I use Delorme, if I need a large screen to map out multiple locations or if I need to see a large zoomed out overview that the small phone screen can't display. If I have to drive to only one location without having the need to plan out my entire day, I would use my phone. As far as my research goes, only this software works with a laptop in Windows 10. Most of my camping trips Delorme comes to the rescue, all of our phones' navigation usually stops, my kids and my wife's GPS all ceased without Verizon signal and only Delorme continued to run. My support goes to Delorme for their courage to battle the giants in this hostile competitive environment. They provide a mapping software that is easier to see on large laptop screen and one that does not require phone signal or use up data. For those who are complaining about little or no update from this software, please take a moment to understand the business side of this industry and why there were massive layoffs after Goggle and Microsoft had taken over this business. In the end when your phone loses signal in the woods and your GPS stops working because it is not receiving the topo map data from Goggle/Microsoft, come back and support this company so they can continue to provide the service. I do not work for Delorme, read my other reviews.

  • darwin mieles - It needs work and really not useful in its current form

    The program has issues, error messages out of the blue and not sure as to why. It needs work and really not useful in its current form .

  • ThePawArmy - This is NOT the Acronis True Image you are looking ...

    This is NOT the Acronis True Image you are looking for. There are so many features ripped out of 2015 as compared to 2014 they should have named it "Howdy Feline: My First Back Up Program".