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  • J. Randolph - The WaterPik NA-2 Gentle Sinus Rinse Attachment NOT compatible.

    I purchased this unit along with the recommended WaterPik NA2 Nasal Sinus Rinse Tip, which was advertised as being "Compatible with ALL WaterPik oral cleaning systems". There has been some debate regarding the compatibility of the WaterPik NA2 Nasal Sinus Rinse Tip with the Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Dental Water Jet.

  • Whitney - It does its job, but not as well as the original

    Well, it's an antennae. It does its job, but not as well as the original. Only 3 of the 12 stations saved on my stopped working, but at least it's not my favorite stations. Since 9 of them still work, it's worth it to me considering that the original antennae has whacked me a couple times while scraping ice off of the windshield. I'll replace those stations with 3 new stations that work. Not that big of a deal.

  • W. Schultz - So I came to book ready to love but it sure didn't let me down

    I first knew her name at 9 years old. "HOme To Myself" was a personal theme song that Melissa Manchester recoded in 1973. I learned the lady's name who wrote with Melissa and soon found her writing hit after hit. Her debut Lp in 1978 I wore out and So yeah..I am a Huge fan. So I came to book ready to love but it sure didn't let me down. I read the first 118 pages in one day. Carole is a true legend having worked with so many greats and won so many awards. A wonderful read by a wonderful woman.

  • dhdjms - Pretty interesting!!!!

    A good read. A couple chapters were a bit technical for me and I have a masters degree!!!! But then again it is science writing. ;). Great way to keep up with current concepts and much more entertaining than a text book!!!!

  • Patricia A. Malin - I am pleased with the performance

    Office 2011 loaded into my MAC without any problems. I am pleased with the performance. There are a few differences between the Windows version and MAC version but if you use Office for Windows the transition should easy. I would recommend Office 2011 for the MAC.

  • Grace B - Gleaner 50 golden moments

    A must have. Covers all major Jamaican events and personalities over the last 50 years. A collectors item. Fabulous photos, interesting facts, it reflects careful research.