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Codeine Abuse Information - Codeine.com provides a community resource guide and toll free helpline for those looking for information about codeine, codeine addiction and treatment.

  • http://www.codeine.com/about.html About Codeine - Find detailed information about codeine including why it is prescribed, the history of codeine, brand names and more at Codeine.com.
  • http://www.codeine.com/effects.html Effects of Codeine - Learn how codeine effects that body, what the side effects of codeine use are and how codeine can affect pregnant or nursing mothers at Codeine.com.
  • http://www.codeine.com/pharmacology.html Codeine Pharmacology - The pharmacology of codeine including the half-life and the length of time that it takes for codeine to metabolize in the system are important facts for those who take the drug.
  • http://www.codeine.com/addiction.html Codeine Addiction - Details about codeine addiction including how to recognize the signs of codeine use, codeine addiction symptoms and what to expect during withdrawal.
  • http://www.codeine.com/treatment.html Codeine Treatment - Find details about codeine treatment including the many uses of codeine in the medical field and options for treatment of codeine addiction.
  • http://www.codeine.com/about/brand-names.html Codeine Brand Names - Codeine is marketed under many different brand names including both generic and non-generic pain relievers and cough suppressants.
  • http://www.codeine.com/effects/effects-of-codeine-and-alcohol.html Effects of Codeine and Alcohol - The effects of codeine and alcohol can be a deadly combination that leads to overdose complications and potentially more serious side effects.
  • http://www.codeine.com/treatment/codeine-addiction-treatment.html Codeine Addiction Treatment - Find codeine addiction treatment by calling our helpline toll free at 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a caring counselor who can help.

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  • Sarahlou - The story is brilliantly written and the characters were intriguing and loveable

    This is the first book in the series and the first one I have read. I've now gone back and 1-clicked the rest of the series.

  • Ostara - Not Sure if it Was Worth It

    I just completed this program under the direction of an acupuncturist and natural health practitioner. I had seen the movie and read parts of the book about Gerson therapy, which uses a similar diet to cure serious diseases. I have never done a cleanse before, but am fastidious about maintaining my health through a whole foods (no meat) diet, daily exercise, no processed or fast foods, supplements, natural cosmetics, unprocessed water, etc. But I do consume alcohol, limited caffeine, and could be exposed to chemicals in the developed environment so my intention was that the cleanse could help clean out toxins that have built up over my lifetime and help prevent disease from starting. I was also hoping that it would balance out my moods and general stability, as it claimed.

  • K. W. - Not good

    I thought I would give this a try because it has good reviews. I'm glad to hear it is working for so many people, but sadly not for me. I only took it for one week when finally I had to stop. I was hoping it was just a tough transition and eventually it would work, but the pain was too bad. I had bloating and really bad stomach ache- a constant one. I guess we are all different when it comes to what works for us. Overall, this product made my stomach MUCH worse. I do not recommend it. The pearls are the only thing that seem to work with my IBS.

  • Justshopping - Would Not Repurchase After 8 Months of Usage

    I waited 8 months to review after purchase because I wanted to take the time to evaluate and frankly I have mixed feelings on this product. If you just have dust and minor fuzz or lint to vacuum up you will probably love it. I have two long haired people in my home and two non shedding dogs and every single time I use the vacuum I end up spending ten to fifteen minutes pulling our long human hair out of the rotating underside. The hair winds itself around the rotater and has to be yanked out manually never making it into the bag. For this reason alone, I do not recommend this vacuum for long haired humans and/or long haired shedding pets. You would have to use the hose and an attachment only and never the upright as its meant to be used without having to do what I do-- rip all the hair out that gets caught on the underside of the vacuum.