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CMR-levante.it - Un servizio riabilitativo a 360° - Centro Medico Riabilitativo - Un servizio riabilitativo a 360°, Studio Medico Levante, Centro Medico Sestri Levante

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • DV Seel - Awesome product.

    There is not another glue in the world that can touch this. I've used it anywhere from gluing my shoes back together, using it to repair a broken graphite spar on a wheelchair. You can glue just about anything to anything else. Be careful using it, if it gets on bare skin then wipe off with a wet paper towel,which you can also use to wipe up any glue that squeezes out of your project. It expands to 3x while drying.

  • Hugo - Its nice just wish it had 3.0 usb ports and also power cable SUCKS always falls easy way too easily others 5 stars

    I would give this a 5 star if it had an USB 3.0 port and also if the connection to the power source wasn't so easily disconnected honestly any small force take it off to easily and you could be charging your phone without knowing the ports aren't even powered. They shouldnt made a different port for the power thats the main problem otherwise it'd be a 5 star

  • Michele - Major disappointment

    I have to go in and redo ALL of my accounts that I want updated. You would think that with an upgrade it would transfer all of that information. Also the rental portion is so difficult that I never used it in my last version. I was "hoping" that was the area of most improvement but it is not so still cant use it.

  • Blueyedgerman - Great eye cream!

    I've been using this product for over 6 months now and I love it! Only eye cream that has been able to diminish my stubborn crows feet! I have used numerous different products and none of them come even close!! This is a must have!!

  • bman - General overview of everything

    This book is a decent general overview of everything needed for the test. It has sections for each part of the new test. In my opinion it is lacking a bit in the math section. I wouldn't use this book solely but it does get the job done if you want a general overview in everything.

  • Mattric Joseph Ragan - Works if directions are followed.

    Works if product is used correctly. Plan to use this 4 hours prior to a drug test. Follow directions and you will most likely succeed.