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  • J. M. P. - Educate yourself first, this really works if it is what you need!

    I have read a couple reviews saying that threelac doesn't work as well as other things or doesn't work at all. For the sake of clearing up confusion, please keep in mind that if your body is not dealing with a candida or yeast related problem, then probably other things will work better at helping your symptoms. If threelac is what you need, it will work. My problems with candida were very severe, and even with eating my usual semi-healthy diet, I have seen a great deal of improvement.

  • Kindle Customer - Tricks & Treats!

    What an amazing couple of stories Alexa Riley put together in this compilation. I can't wait for more! This is a must read if you haven't already.

  • bh021552 - Good book; Kindle app is [Edit: Getting better]

    The Guide has been quite helpful in planning my trip to Iceland. My critique is for the Kindle app: if you want to be able to read the maps, buy the book. The app currently has no zoom function and the maps are almost useless without it. (I sent a note to Kindle about this and they were quite responsive. Hopefully zoom will be added soon.) [Edit: I just noticed today (August 2016) that Kindle has added a zoom feature now. It's a bit clunky but is effective.]

  • Heather Stauber - Does the trick!

    This product seemed to ease some back pain I had from a weekend long yard work project. It has little odor and even though it's white, it blends in nicely. I could tell immediate relief; didn't take away all the soreness, but it did help to alleviate pain. The sample I had was quite small, so a larger amount may have been more effective. I would recommend this to friends/family. Knowing that its a little more expensive might deter some, but if it works it's worth it than to have to buy a larger amount of a competitor. My pain is not chronic or medical in nature, but it did help with soreness and occasional pain.

  • char's mama - Best Diaper cream ever

    Our little boy is plagued with constant diaper rash, thanks to his sensitive skin and a shorter bowel. This is the only cream we use on a daily basis to help fight the diaper rash. It comes highly recommended by his surgeon. While each tube / tub costs a small fortune, it is well worth its weight in gold. What we use are the 1-lb tub for at home and daycare, 8-oz tub for big diaper bag and the 2-oz tube for small diaper bag. Love, love, love.

  • Lyra - Not just for fearful dogs

    Thundershirt is a soft garment with velcro strips that can be adjusted to fit your dog. It's usually marketed as an aid for dogs with fear and anxiety problems, such as dogs with noise anxiety, hence the name, but it is outstanding for hyperactive dogs. I own a pug who has so much energy that he's constantly barking, jumping around, running in circles, eating anything he can find on the floor, playing too rough with my other dogs, and generally being a nuisance. I've been patient with him. I've taken him to obedience training. I walk him all the time. Regardless, he still acts like Possessed Pug. The only time he would calm down was when I would sit and hold him firmly, like swaddling an infant.

  • Greens - Decent Knives if you can find them cheap

    My sister bought 3 pieces of cutco, the cheese knife, the scissors and the 9 inch slicer. Although i felt they were quality when i first handled they are far from the good stuff.