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Central Jersey Blood Center | Where community comes first - With 3 locations throughout Ocean & Monmouth counties, Central Jersey Blood Center makes it easy to donate blood in NJ. Visit us today to make a difference!

  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/donate-now/ Make a Difference with Blood Donation in NJ | CJBC - Find out more about blood donation and see if you can donate blood at one of our many Central Jersey Blood Center locations.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/about-us/ About Our Blood Donation Centers in NJ | CJBC - Our blood donation centers are a community-based organization serving NJ for over 50 years. Make a blood donation to Central Jersey Blood Center today!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/support-us/ Support Our Life Saving Mission - Central Jersey Blood Center offers many opportunities to support our important mission. In addition to blood donation, we offer opportunities for volunteering,
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-locations/ Discover Where To Donate Blood | Locations & Hours | CJBC - Discover Central Jersey Blood Center's convenient locations and hours throughout central NJ. Visit our website to find out where to donate blood!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/contact-us/ Contact Blood Donation Centers in NJ| CJBC - Discover where to donate blood , about our locations, and more. Contact our blood donation centers of NJ today!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/board-of-trustees/ Blood Center of NJ | Board of Trustees | Central Jersey Blood Center - Learn more about our Central Jersey Blood Center Board of Trustees. Contact CJBC for more information on where to donate.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/executive-team/ Blood Donor Centers | Executive Leadership | CJBC - Learn more about our Executive Leadership Team for the Central Jersey Blood Center. Visit us today to find out how to donate.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/recruitment-team/ Blood Center of New Jersey | Recruitment Team | CJBC - Learn more about our Recruitment Team at CJBC. Visit any of our locations to learn more information on how to donate blood today!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/resources/ Blood Donor Centers | Resources | Central Jersey Blood Center - Learn more about the resources our blood donor centers connect with in order to aid in our mission of saving lives. Contact Central Jersey Blood Center today.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-mission/ The Mission of our Blood Donation Center | CJBC - The mission of our blood donation center is to save lives by providing safe, high-quality products and services to our patients. Contact CJBC to learn more!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-vision/ Blood Center of NJ | Our Visions | Central Jersey Blood Center - Central Jersey Blood Center's vision is to be the leading provider of blood therapies to help save lives. Visit our website to learn how to help!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/core-values/ Blood Donor Centers | Our Core Values | CJBC - Central Jersey Blood Center's core values show our commitment to reshape the role we play in saving lives. Visit our Blood Center site for more info.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-locations/shrewsbury-donor-center/ Donate Blood in Shrewsbury, NJ | CJBC Blood Donor Center - Visit our blood donor center located in Shrewsbury, NJ to find out how to donate blood. Contact Central Jersey Blood Center to make a blood donation!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-locations/howell-donor-center/ Donate Blood in Howell, NJ | CJBC - Visit Central Jersey Blood Center's location in Howell, NJ to find out how to donate blood in your local community. Visit our website to learn more!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/our-locations/toms-river-donor-center/ Blood Donation in Toms River NJ | CJBC - Save local lives by donating blood in New Jersey! Visit our blood donation center in Toms River and begin making a difference.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/news/ Stay Updated with our NJ Blood Center | CJBC Newsletters - Discover upcoming blood drives, learn about past successes, and more by browsing our NJ blood center newsletter.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/cjbc-blog/ Blood Center of NJ News & Events | CJBC Blog - Discover the latest in blood donor news, upcoming local blood drives and events, and more by checking out our blood center of NJ blog. Visit CJBC for more!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/careers/ Blood Center of NJ | Blood Donation Centers | CJBC - See open positions at Central Jersey Blood Center and find out more about our locations.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/nj-blood-donor-faqs/ Can I Donate Blood | NJ Blood Donor FAQs | Central Jersey Blood Center - Central Jersey Blood Center's FAQ section is filled with information regarding blood donation, how you can donate, and more.
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/blood-donor-eligibility/ Can I Donate Blood | NJ Blood Donor Eligibility | CJBC - Find out if you can donate blood and how much you have to weigh to donate blood. Visit one of our CJBC locations to find out more!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/donor-clubs-bloodtype/ NJ Blood Donor Centers | Join a Club | Central Jersey Blood Center - Find one of our blood donation centers in your area and join one of our donor clubs. Schedule your appointment today to donate!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/mvp/ Blood Donor Centers |Most Valuable Platelet Club | CJBC - Find out how you can be a part of CJBC's Most Valuable Platelet Club. Visit our website to find out how you can donate blood today!
  • http://www.cjbcblood.org/miracle-maker/ Blood Center of NJ | Miracle Makers Club | Central Jersey Blood Center - Find out if you can donate blood then join our Miracle Makers Club and learn more about our blood center in NJ.

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