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  • F.U. - Weak T-Trimmers

    I had these trimmers less than a year before they became unusable. Prior to that they were ok, and I mean just ok. The power of the motor is extremely low, or weak, and the blades became dull very quickly. So much so, I would have to stroke the same area two or three time before I got the desired cut. I tried adjusting the blades but that didn't help. I would not recommend these clippers for the following reasons:

  • ChuckS - Not without some bugs as of 2-10-2014

    Well, even with all the negative reviews 'I took the plunge' and upgraded from 2011 Deluxe to 2014 Home & Business figuring that I had to do it before April and I had an entire weekend to deal with the pain. There IS some pain. Budgeting is TOTALLY different in 2014. It pretty much wrecked by budget categories and I had to set them up by scratch. If you're hoping that the mobile features will work smoothly in 2014, I hate to tell you that they do not. For one, you have to tell the mobile setting in the desktop WHICH budget you want to sync. I set one up just for mobile with just the accounts that I want to keep an eye on such as gasoline, groceries, entertainment, dining out etc and then selected my budget called 'mobile' to sync. Guess what?...not only will it not sync to the mobile device in the cloud, I cannot get ANY budget to sync to the mobile device. I have several including iPad Air (iOS 7), iPhone 5 (iOS 7) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android 4.3). Yes, I know which buttons to sync. The data migration seemed to go pretty smoothly overall. Bottom line is be prepared to 'futz' with it after you upgrade. I'll come back and update my review after a few weeks or so.

  • Debbie Weil, author of THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK - Thinly veiled attempt to make money from his vitamin supplements

    There is some good information in the book about a healthy approach to eating and to life: including daily meditation, hot baths before going to bed and eating lots of dark green vegetables (kale!!). But the book is a thinly veiled attempt to sell readers Dr. Hyman's outrageously overpriced vitamin supplements. I succumbed and ordered a 2-week vitamin pack for $140. I am returning it for a full refund. I scoured Dr. Hyman's website for a way to send him feedback. I found none so I am posting here the letter I tried to send him: