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    Country:, Asia, TR

    City: 31.1639 Duezce, Turkey

  • Tommy - Wonderful !!!

    This stuff is great, I have arthritis in my knees and this Australian Dream really helps me get through the day better than I have in a long time...

  • dad's gemini - Roaches Be Gone ... Not all.

    I would walk into my kitchen late nights and find roaches sitting on my counter tops playing cards and smoking cigarettes and asking me what I had to eat! I knew they had to go for I felt like I was in that movie, "Joe's Apartment" and expected them to break out in song! I am very neat, so there is no food out, no dishes in the sink and all cabinet food products are in plastic bags or air-tight sealed jars. I used the product as soon as I received it, loving the powder form and no smell, and noticed an immediate difference. They were even moving slower when seen and killed, and after a few days it seemed they had packed up and moved or died. Yet four days later, it seemed a new batch of them moved in, like the old ones had hung out a vacancy sign and they were back. I know the product is suppose to last longer than 4 days and/or maybe I just needed more than 2 cans. But it worked ... for a while.

  • CaskettAlways13 - Other than that I do like it, it's cheap & I'm giving it 4

    The only complaint I have is that when speaking with someone the other person gets aggravated due to beeping on the line (I can't hear it, but they do). I did extensive research and found out that this is very common with VoiP service. Why they can't fix this is beyond me! Other than that I do like it, it's cheap & I'm giving it 4 stars