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  • Viktoria - Keebler did it again in a package that has sweet and salty snacks

    Keebler did it again in a package that has sweet and salty snacks! Perfect for school lunches or just snacking. Great!

  • Amazon Customer - Not the answer

    I bought the Casper hoping it would would be the cure to my mattress search. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Casper company itself was great to work with, however if you are looking for a firm mattress, I'd encourage you to keep looking. Casper did send us a "firm" mattress topper, however that has not solved the problem. Now that we have had it for seven months, it is also becoming noticeable that the mattress is sagging in the middle. It is too late to return the mattress or I would. The search continues....

  • alzeal - GoPro EPIC FAIL!!!!!

    Ok like almost everyone on here bugs galore. I received my gopro as a gift so no real choice about rma unless I really bug them but just don't have the energy. As with all my gopro has freezing issues, mainly upon start up and shut down. Recording and battery drain issues thankfully have not surfaced. I had to do the following to at least minimize the freezing.

  • daalphine - Great version

    This is an excellent electronic version of the bible. It makes daily reading much more convenient. Functionality is good, however there are so many footnotes that turning the page can be difficult as you may accidentally direct to another area.

  • infj_I_am - Baby loves this book!

    Granted, he has torn every single flap out from it, and I am in the process of trying to tape it back (it would be so great if the flaps were just removable, with velcro or something - so I wouldn't have to do this taping thing). But, even so, he enjoyed it so much it's hardly any effort searching for the flaps and taping them back. He loves all these giant books and loves to point out his "favorite".

  • J. Bond - Update of the Old version

    Works like the old Roxio 7,which wasn't compatible with 64 bit systems. Now I can get back to editing,burning,adding transitions. But I'm still trying to figure out other features. If you're a computer or software braniac this program is a piece of cake...if not, just take your time and read.


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