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  • wiser consumer - Excellent black and white version but the colorized is good too.

    I've owned a version of this movie for many years, beginning with the purchase of a VHS copy from the University of Washington in Seattle sometime in the 70s. But as I progressed to DVD versions, it wasn't until I got a colorized copy that some scenes made sense. For instance, the scene where Tiny Tim is looking through the front window of a toy shop -- there had always been toys I could make neither head nor tail of. Another was the scene where the Ghost of Christmas Past transported Scrooge into the snow covered fields of his youth. In that scene both Scrooge and the ghost were filmed to appear transparent and, so, were difficult to make out in black and white.

  • Allie Hussar - This didn't work for me, but maybe it works wonders for others!

    Unforuntately, I have to report back that this product didn't fulfill my expectations. This serums boasts to help lashes grow, as well as become thicker and darker. This just wasn't the case. My eyelashes don't seem to look any different, even after weeks of application. I tried to give this product plenty of time, in order to see if the results would come eventually, but this was just not so. The only possible perk would be that my eyelashes seem to curl a bit more, on a good day, but I don't know if this is just a placebo effect playing tricks on my mind. For reference, this was easy to apply and I did so daily. When applying to the lash line, the serum burned my eyes, even when I was careful to make sure the product wasn't dripping off of the wand. This discomfort is reason enough to avoid this product. I'm not one to be negative, and I apologize for not being able to give a more positive review, but I want to make it clear to potential buyers that this product didn't work for me. This may not be the case for others. I know everyone's body works a little differently and reacts to beauty products in a variety of ways.


    I purchased the Black Seed Oil hoping I would get results in weight reduction but there was no difference in my weight after 2 weeks of taking 1 teas of the product per day. (if I consumed more than a teas. per day I would get a headache) But I can say that by the third day of taking BSO my energy shot through the roof and has remained that way as long as a started my day with 1 teas. of this oil! I can feel it when it kicks in, the fogginess in my head clears, my visions is better, I don't feel tired or weak but strong and vibrate. I zoom through my responsibilities at work, no longer feeling weak, tired or down in my mind, I have increased memory and mental clarity. Although I do not see how this oil can benefit or assist in weight reductions as others have claimed, I can recommend this oil to those who need an all natural assistance for depression, mental clarity, strength, vision and energy. It has helped me in those areas tremendously! NOTE*-Maybe the help for weight reduction comes through the energy you get from taking the oil because now your so fired up you want to work out! (smile) hmmmm I feel like going for a walk......

  • Raul - Cool looking pedals

    Was easy to install the brake cover was a little difficult but hot water does the trick easy fast instillation and they look awesome on my challenger