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  • Andy H. - THIS IS THE GLUE

    Indeed, a glue that sticks to virtually anything. The best kind of glue I have ever bought, used, and loved for all types of purposes. I used it for gluing shoes, wood, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. All of which have had great result of permanent bonding. This is the glue to use if you are thinking of buying glue.

  • City Mouse - Novel idea, but not the fix all they claim it to be. 3 star results after 3 months of use.

    I bought the Amope several months ago and wanted to wait to give a review until I had tried it for a fair period of time. Overall I like it but I did not have the awe inspiring results that so many others have shared on here. I find the motor definitely slows down with any pressure and although it does smooth rough areas they return in less than a day. I do not have feet that are in terrible condition (before that gets the blame), I have "normal feet" with mild callouses. After only several uses I can tell it will need a new file soon,so they don't last long and they are a little pricey to be replacing every month. It is not a total wash, it does help, but for the price??? It would be more price worthy if it included an additional file and had more horsepower. Novel idea and helps but not the fix all they claim it to be.

  • Asia Muhammad - especially while im watching a good movie. bottom line

    They most definately should put a warning lable on this! if you drink too much it'll make you have to pee! what a nuisance! especially while im watching a good movie. bottom line: warning label that says drinking too much will cause you to pee

  • C. Belanger - Walked one thousand miles to be with me

    I purchased the 3 wolf moon shirt while on vacation in Utah but I forgot it in the hotel room. Imagine my surprise when 7 weeks later, I heard a knock at my door back home. It was 3 wolf moon! It walked all the way to my house by itself. Excellent fit, too.

  • CaliAmazonia - Lasted 14 days

    Well...it didn't fit great out of the box. I wasn't too surprised that it didn't have the factory "snap" when installed. So we babied it a bit when we put the k-cups in. And then this morning, the needle bent and junked it. I figure 14 days = 30 cups of coffee before failure? And it was babied the whole time? Not good. Definitely not a factory equivalent part. We'll put the second one in, but I sure won't buy it again. Time to look elsewhere.