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Charles B. Wang Community Health Center - The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center is a non-profit, community based health care facility established to ensure that Asian-American in New York City have access to quality health care.

Country:, North America, US

City: -73.9826 New York, United States

  • Liana - Will consume your child for hours

    My son was asking for this book for some time and I finally got for him as one of his Christmas gifts. The book consumed him for hours. Very informative, well written and easy to understand for young minds. Photos are amazing

  • Amazon Customer - A Slim Version of What Most SP People Know

    Although there are a few decent tid-bits of knowledge here e.g. the Sharepoint Tab Page chapter, most of the material here is a rehash of what most of us that have been in the SharePoint space for 1.5+ years should know. I bought the book primarily becase I saw both Mark Miller and Marc D. Anderson had penned it, but I have seen much better material from both individuals on their sites/blogs that have a far greater impact. For example, Marc Anderson's work in the SP object model with his codeplex/jquery libraries that work with the SP classes on the client-side would haver been a great addition to this book. It would be quite welcome if the author Mark Miller take comments such as these to really put out the 'book' for us that are the hackers/client side guys/gals that do the Asif Rehmani thing - we do not do Visual Studio, but rely on the UI, SharePoint Designer and jquery to craft solutions.

  • Leigh Anne - Not impressed! What a mess it makes!

    Good Lord! By the time you get enough of this on whatever you are trying to stick on, you've already overapplied...just watch, you'll get it in place, walk away, and come back to find it has run and expanding 4 times the amount you have used. Have tried this on a number of little projects (like remounting one of those plastic hooks that stick to your wall), or putting a thin line over a small crack in a glass jar, and a few other things, but have had complications and a mess every time. Not impressed. Went back to Superglue.