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  • peachygirl - waste of money

    This company is selling HOPE to arthritis sufferers, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I ordered it, and when it arrived, I COULD NOT OPEN THE CANS because I have arthritis in my fingers, and, would you believe, it's a POP TAB opener! Hello?? I have ARTHRITIS, which the makers of this product claim to heal, and they send you cans which are impossible to open if you have painful fingers. I suffered through 6 weeks of prying it open with a blunt knife, and finally couldn't stand it any more. When I brought this to the attention of the company, their response was "we put that pop tab on because we don't want people to sip it throughout the day, but all at once." So, apparently that was more important to them than making a top that people with arthritis can open. I never heard of anything so ridiculous. And of course, when I told them why I was returning it, they said "it usually takes 3-6 months for you to feel better." I said "that's not what your deceptive infomercial says." How appalling that a company that claims to relieve arthritis sends cans that arthritis sufferers cannot open!! Besides that, it's sickeningly sweet. And after 6 weeks of taking it every day, there was no relief. Another user commented about their return policy, about which I agree. If you want to send it back, you have to pay $30-40 in shipping because it's heavy, so the $99 "refund" is really a tidy profit for them of the shipping charge, and you only see $59 of your refund. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are beneficial for arthritis, but don't give your money to this scam.

  • Michelle Pardy - Quality and affordable makeup brushes

    As a professional makeup artist I am always on the look out for quality and affordable Makeup items. I love these Premium Kabuki makeup brushes! I am very impressed with the quality of the brushes. I normally use another high end brand and these work just as well as those ones do, if not a little better for some of them. I like the thicker kabuki style makeup brushes so I was happy to find a set that had so many of them together, it's awesome. The brushes feel very nice on the skin and do not tug on the eyes either which is great to help prevent wrinkles. The foundation brush applied my foundation flawlessly this morning and I have absolutely no complaints. These feel very well made and like they will last a long time if properly cared for. They would be a great set for beginners or even more advanced makeup users who want some backup brushes for when they don't get to clean their regular ones. I can see myself reaching for these a lot, they really are great quality and affordable brushes.

  • J. Stefanik - good item. I recommend

    Just like the ones you get when you order checks from the bank. Works good for me since I always balance my checkbook with any purchase but hardly write paper checks anymore so I go thru the registers pretty quick compared to ordering checks. Good purchase.

  • InfoFish - Love the company, love the products, Nails stronger after a week, BUT I don't like the taste of these gummies

    LOVE the effect these extra nutrients are having on my very weak, sad nails. One week in and they feel stronger and they are not splitting. I never get to have the kind of nails that grow up over the tops of my fingers, so it is a lot of fun being able to scratch myself and rip things open. I love that! I really, really like the Vitafusion brand. I try almost all of their products and have been totally thrilled by them.

  • Brian S - Nas with a North Carolinian drawl

    Albeit the album is not flawless, J Cole puts forth an impressive sophomore album. He tackles issues that other rappers elude. Subjects include virginity, the race complex in music, reality divas, adolescence and a host of other issues that inner city youths are conflicted with. He doesnt speak from a typical street thug aspect. Cole speaks as a kid who is educated and middle class. There is no facade in his persona. Loved the album with the exception of a few songs. Overall I would recommend this to casual fans as well as rap aficionados.

  • Porter84 - Couldn't be better!

    Many books on the nuclear threat are fear-mongering, shallow and written with a political twist. This book is the complete opposite.

  • Donald D. Farra - no regrets with this one

    I restored all my wooden kitchen cabinets with this product and they still look good nearly a year later. Just rub it on and wipe away the years of aging. It the first product that I have ever used that worked as expected. So I can recommend this product to you.