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  • Nicholas Sparagis - Issues with the condition of my purchase.

    Good product, but when it arrived, the gummies were melted together in a big clump. Not sure if this is the warehouse or the mail carrier.

  • JOSIE DIAZ - Great product and love that it is effective against fungus

    Great product and love that it is effective against fungus. I had a couple of toe nails with fungus. Got lasser and my podiatrist suggested I use this to prevent future infections. That was a few years ago. Use it daily. Never had a recurrence again.

  • Thomas Doig - they are really great. I would have given them 5 stars but ...

    For the price, they are really great. I would have given them 5 stars but they are a bit wobbly. To solve this, I bolted on an aluminum tube to the back, bottom of the two stands and that did the trick. I'd recommend them for sure.

  • Charlaine Dunlap - Garmin Edge 810 Does Not Work As It Should

    This unit (Edge 810) sucks. I first bought it about one year ago when my beloved 800 fell into the Rhine River and was lost forever. Almost immediately, it started freezing during rides. And then it started shutting itself off when following a course, after the course completed, and I'd go to save my data. When I turned the unit back on, my data was lost forever. Actually there was a file on the unit, but it wouldn't upload anywhere ... I assume it was corrupted. Of course, I made sure I had the latest version of the software and I sent lots of emails, including files from my unit, to Garmin and nothing they suggested worked until they had me do a hard reset. Then it didn't freeze anymore and I only occasionally lost my data when following a course. So I loved it during those few months where it worked as it should most of the time. Then it again started losing my data EVERY TIME I followed a course. So finally, about a month ago, Garmin sent me a refurbished unit. And guess what ... it's immediately doing the same thing. It just can't follow a course to completion and keep my ride data. Also during my happy time when my original unit was working, I talked my husband into getting the same unit. And you guessed it ... his unit is now doing the same thing. So three units ... all doing the same thing ... WHY CAN'T GARMIN FIX THIS???!!!