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  • jon gaudio - It's true!!!!!

    Words cannot describe the last four hours of my life, I must have lost 10lbs EASY! These little nightmares should be labeled as the devils anal soap...... I'll give you a breakdown......

  • Johnny - It's a bodice-ripper and a romance

    Somewhat disappointing. The crime solver in this thriller is beautiful and perfect in every way (so much one wonders if Patterson helped with her perfect female description.) She's petite, smart, a doctor, does charity work, is a gymnast and most likely every straight mans' dream The heroine works on solving murders and (gasp) is a target for murder herself. A big, string, impossibly good looking man may have committed the murders but it's hard for a dentist/gymnast to keep her panties on around him. The book delves into romaqnce and bheeeeeh. Wish the author would have stuck with a thriller instead of trying for a bodice-ripper.

  • Jake Justus - Some Books DO Make a Difference

    Dinner used to mean standing over the kitchen sink and eating a cold cheese sandwich while reading last week's TV Guide. Thanks to this life-changing book, dinner today means standing over the kitchen sink and eating a microwave burrito while reading THIS week's TV Guide. It's like having been given a new lease on life, a rediscovered dignity. How long until the publication of "Making Instant Iced-Tea for One"?

  • Clare - Short life span

    Worked fine out of the box and for the first month or so but started to hear echos and the phone itself would spaz out and not let you answer a call that was clearly showing up. It's not a horrible phone but for the price I'm very disappointed in Samsung for putting this out there. We switched it out with an SIII.

  • Steve D - Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my ...

    Outstanding product. I have one permanently installed in my whole house generator and it works perfectly. I was introduced to this product by a friend that uses it on the batteries in his off the grid solar array. I witnessed batteries that tested "bad" on a load tester, test "good" after a few days on the BatteryMINDer. These batteries preformed well when reinstalled in the array for the solar power. That convinced me that this device performs as advertised. I have one that I move around to several batteries and so far, they all are performing to spec.

  • R. Grant - Definitely not the best

    I've tried Align for several months, with no noticeable improvement. I've had intestinal gas and bloating since an attack of gastroenteritis while in China two years ago. The Align did not help at all. Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support worked better and did give some relief, but my gut is still not where it was two years ago. I have consulted a gastroenterologist and had a $13,000 workup, including upper GI and colonoscopy, with little improvement, except what has occurred naturally and slowly since the attack of gastroenteritis. My intestinal flora appear to have changed, and Align did nothing to help it. Try something else.