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What is Borderline Personality Disorder? | BPD Awareness Week - Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. Visit our website to read more.

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  • Amazon Customer - OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

    I HAVE THE GREENSTAR JUICER THAT WILL DO EVERYTHING INCLUDING MAKE YUMMY BANANA ICECREAM, BUT I am just not in the mood to mess with that big machine that has like a million peace's. don't get me wrong, these high quality juice machines are wonderful for the vegan and raw lifestyle, but sometimes ya just want a simple solution for one thing!!! WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!! STOP LOOKING CAUSE YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT PRODUCT!!! OMG!!! I just love this product, it's so wonderful!!! I put about 2 bananas in there, but the way I do it is: first I put a half frozen banana, then some walnuts, then some Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce (bought it on amazon) then push it through, then I put another half frozen banana, walnuts and Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce, just repeat until you are done. OMG!!! this ice cream taste like the real thing, now mind you, I haven't any sugar products in a long time, so it's sweet to me, you may have to ad honey, sugar or any other sweetener. the next thing I am going to try is a frozen avocado. you put a slices of frozen avocado, and some pistachio nuts and a little honey, and wallla, you have pistachio ice cream!!! these are just tips of some no sugar kind of treats. you could put fresh mint and chocolate chips along with banana or avocado or frozen coconut or something else that's a frozen fruit and make like a chocolate chip mint ice cream. Buy this product if you are trying to stay away from the real toxic yummy stuff!!! To your new yonanas lifestyle!!! Cheers!

  • Peter McKone - An excellent clock, but unnecessarily complex.

    This is a solid, reliable clock. The instructions are hard to understand, but after you get used to programming it (especially if you have a friend to show you how), you'll be totally satisfied.

  • Anthony Wyre - It works, but I've come to like my manly hair.

    I used this when I was unsure of myself. I have a moderately hairy chest/stomch/balls. So I decided to use this to see how I'd look. Didn't like it and I broke put on my chest. Chemical smell is a little strong but I can ignore it.

  • Amazon Customer - Bengal Roach Spray

    I'm waiting for my second can. A dear friend of mine told me about this spray so I ordered it. He told me I didn't need to spray much...just a dab would do me. I sprayed in kitchen drawers and cabinets, utility closet and all of the crooks and crannies I could find, until the can was empty. I didn't get everything so I needed another can.

  • Al Stoll - Cancer IS Curable "Naturally"-This Book Will Get You Started

    If you believe cancer is not controllable or curable, this book WILL give you the hope which traditional medicine (MD's) practioners destroy in our minds (not always). This book teaches you how to think for yourself by giving you many, many natural paths (methods) toward giving your body a chance to heal itself. I am not a personal friend of the author! This book entirely changed my perspective, paradigm, or way of thinking on health. This book was "the" book that started my interest in preventative health. WARNING: You may begin to question your doctors. Keep your presence and stand up for your beliefs. Doctors think from a "fix it" rather than a "heal it" perspective. I had Lyme disease and I cured myself, thanks to this book. (PS: This is the first review I have ever written.)

  • Haley - Great product!

    This product is wonderful. It doesnt leave your hair heavy or greasy. It has a light smell that doesnt overpower your shampoo. I have very fine hair and it doesn't weigh it down but leaves my hair looking soft and shiny. I have no idea if it really helps all 12 things but I am satisfied about it protecting my hair from thermal damage and it helping to keep my (colored) hair healthy.