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  • Diane - it dose everything it claim to do

    It is extremely light and is ready to take video at a moment's notice. This is an excellent solution for parents who are trying to capture family events. However, it is important to note that the picture quality is not going to be broadcast quality in any of these middle of the road cameras.

  • Vera Appleyard - The Niacin You Are supposed to Take

    This is the right niacin if you are trying to lower bad cholesterol. Apparently the flush-free stuff does not have the same impact. I found this out after buying a bunch of the other. Toss them and got this. Now the flushing is INTENSE. I turn bright red. I did some research and found a simple fix - 1000 mg of quercetin and hour before taking the niacin. The flushing is much less intense and it allows you to get used to the dose while initially taking it. Some people do an aspirin but that didn't really help me much.

  • Carol M - Kaplan SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1

    I got this book for my high schooler, who very recently took the SAT and is considering taking one or more SAT Subject Tests. She is very impressed with the organization and content of this book, and has already requested that I purchase the Math Level 2 and the Physics versions for her.

  • Chris.J.Blaze - Great product for anyone with a car really.

    Hands down the best Roadside "kit" you can get without going out and purchasing the pieces all by yourself. My wife and I own a 2015 Grand Cherokee limited and this fits so nicely in the back and out of the way. It really took a huge weight off my shoulders, since I worry about my wife breaking down with me not around.

  • Helpful Reviews - Five Stars

    They're plates. They're paper. They don't fall apart. Those are my requirements and these meet them.

  • MrsNews - Not your traditional game of Sorry

    I like this game but it is not the "traditional" game. It has twist and turns that were new to me. I thought I was buying the traditional game. When will I learn to read the descriptions better?????

  • Kevin S - Nice Looking, Feels Comfortable, Plays all day long, Good Price = Great Value

    The headphones came a day earlier than expected and word exactly as pictured on the website. The packaging was very easy to get into so I got right into it. I already had the Q 800 headset so these are very similar with the exception of the controls are on the side as opposed to on top. And this has a little bit less talk time as well as a little bit heavier. However, the weight was negligible in real life use. The Q 900 has the same 4.1 Bluetooth so it has over a 30 foot range but it also has the added latest generation CVC noise reduction which is very important to me. They are very comfortable and I'm able to talk all day before recharging. The instructions were very clear and it came packaged with two additional foam ear buds and a charging cord. Overall, a very good value and I'm happy that I purchased them. Definitely an upgrade from the Q 800. The fact that I got them at a discount for an unbiased review makes me even happier. What a great value!