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  • Gabby - Unique Pepper Grinder

    This really is just as the description says on the product page: a unique pepper/salt grinder. I was initially interested in this because of the one hand design of it. Instead of needing two hands to operate the pepper mill, you only need one. This is really cool and very convenient. This also has other helpful features like a granule adjustment knob. It looks very stylish on the dinner table and anyone can operate it. We've really enjoyed having it for the last week and would recommend it. It goes with any decor, works very well, and is so affordable.

  • Anongw65 - I love this board

    I love this board! Although not an extreme overclocker, I like having the option at hand. My only issue that I've had with the board is with it's BIOS. Fortunately, the board has a backup BIOS, and I've been booting off of that without issue. I've tried the "flashback" utility and copying over my BIOS 2 setting over to BIOS 1, but all to no avail. That being said, as I'm happy with my system and it's performance, the issue that I have with BIOS 1 is not enough for me to tear the whole computer apart to RMA the board. For that fact, my actual rating should be 4.5, but I can't put in a half star.

  • Rory - Had promise, but failed to deliver

    This book had promise, it could have been great, but the storyline wasn't well executed. The characters were underdeveloped, and although the sex scenes were steamy at first, once the BDSM aspect is revealed much like everything else wrong with this book--it failed to deliver by having a vanilla BDSM-ish scene play out between the principal characters that is laughable.

  • Paul Theodorescu - Revolutionary book!

    As a medical student, I've found this book to be spectacularly insightful and important. The book is simple, yet profound in it's explanations. The conclusions are logical and strongly substantiated.

  • Mad Hal - not sure on it

    if i'm paying nearly ten thousand dollars for a cable slightly taller than me, i don't want "low distortion" audio. no, i want the composer and his band in my house, playing the soundtrack to whatever media i'm enjoying right there with me, and i don't want him to complain when i make him play "Love Rollercoaster" by The Ohio Players ten times in a row.

  • RoseyJoy - Very fun! I'm not 100% enjoying the awkward picture it ...

    Very fun! I'm not 100% enjoying the awkward picture it shows me of myself before and after the song, but other than that, the motion tracking is pretty accurate and the moves are fun. I use this for light exercise and it definitely gets my heart pumping after a couple songs.

  • Mary Sheppard - After Inked lives up to the hype and more

    This is a great product and has helped eliminate problems with tattoo healing. Much better than the non- scented lotions originally recommended for me which caused some break-outs. I received a sample of this and it led me to get the full size.