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  • Amazon Customer - Good mini razor

    I bought these after reading a blog on dermaplaning and then watching Michelle Money's YouTube video. Before then, I really had never even noticed the blonde peach fuzz on my face so I was not bothered by it but since dermaplaning is supposed to be good for cell turnover, I decided to give it a try.

  • Amazon Shopper - Not good for portable PCs

    If you're thinking of running Office on a portable PC, stick with 2010. While you may think you're buying a full retail copy of 2013, they've changed the licensing such that if your computer dies (dropped, spilled water on it, just expires) and you have to get a replacement, you CANNOT install the same copy of Office onto it. You have to buy Office all over again. Even if you've got an accident/damage protection plan on your laptop/notebook, you'll still have to fork out $400 for the privilege of reinstalling software you already bought. Outrageous!

  • Cestmoi - The FATHER of all disaster movies so far in terms of special effects and entertaining. + Some scenes with depth and emotion

    Of course, I had to suppress my logic while watching this in order to enjoy it completely. I mean there are quite a few illogical moments but they do not affect the entertaining value of this movie. The special effects are much superior to others of the same genre. They look real, spectacular and scary. There are some scenes with depth and emotion too. For example, the scenes where the rich paid billion of dollars to be hauled to safety while the poor were left behind.

  • debbie landis - Elton John

    The song has beautiful lyrics. I have loved it for years and it makes me happy to know that it is grown with the generations. I hope that the song keeps on playing.

  • Robert S - it smelled just like cucumbers but the smell really didn't last that long

    My wife and I have both been using this for ten days now and yes I do have dark circles under my eyes too. She actually ordered this for herself but when I saw it on the counter I have to admit I was a bit curious as to how it might help me. First thing I notice was the scent, it smelled just like cucumbers but the smell really didn't last that long, either that or I just got used to it. The container it comes in has a handy pump top and with a gently push I was able to get the right amount without wasting. Of course it took a few tries to figure it out, lol. It went on smoothly and within minutes absorbed into my skin. Now for the dark circles, I honestly did not see much of a difference but where I did see a change was with the puffiness. I used it morning and night like the instructions stated to do. The puffiness was reduced a lot and I will continue to use it for that purpose. My wife also saw the same results with minimal fading of dark circles but more reduction with the puffiness.

  • lugal78 - I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO!!!

    I have thick curly mixed hair and this shampoo is the BOMB!!! I get some psoriasis due to all the crap I have to use to keep this hair moisturized and the build up is madness! I have tried Nioxin (don't work), tar shampoo (it don't work, dries out and stinks!), head & shoulders (did not work), and so on.... I even tried other selsum blue shampoos with no luck. This one works like a sharm and clear up my psoriasis that was spreading to the back of my ears and side burns. (eeeeck and embarassing!) Amazon offers the best price too so I'm happy I found as a Prime item. Loving it!!!