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  • J. Stephen - My health is improved!

    I was looking pretty pale and anemic from eating my soup cold from the can when this book showed up on my doorstep. I have no idea who sent it to me but I am eternally grateful! I had a hard time with some of the recipes because I couldn't tell if my soup was hot enough yet. I solved the problem by putting some cardboard into my Microwave's latch and now I can cook with the door open so I can stick my finger in the soup to know when it's done. I feel like I'm eating better and my coworkers even say that my face has more color. Thank you whoever sent me this gift and thank you Sonia for writing it -- you've changed my life!

  • Christina - The Needle is Not Centered

    The replacement looks like it was dropped according to the young lady who was teaching how to sew. The alignment of the needle and the threading was totally off center. The product would require to be taken apart and re-centered in order for it to be usuable again. There was so many good reviews that I just know it would work. So disappointed with the product.

  • AC Slater - Go to Iceland - but buy this book first!

    Iceland is amazing, and this book was super helpful. I'm glad we opted to carry the guidebook with us during the trip, because while we had an international plan for our iPhones, not all areas had service or wifi, making navigation via car difficult without the book during those times we got lost.

  • Sarrita - Lovely shimmer!

    It does pout your lips.. The shade is soft and shimmery,not overpowering at all. Looks great in pictures! I have somewhat pale skin and my friend is fairly dark and we both found it amazing on us! Only drawback is you need frequent re-application and no longterm effect.However, for the price, it is still a great buy!

  • Bob Roe - Hair Worse than Before for myself and my mom!!

    Both my mom and started using this at the same time about 3 months ago. I recently have noticed that my hair is breaking off and I have frizzy little ends all over. It us also a lot thinner than it has ever been in my life! I thought maybe it was just something that I was going through. But then my mom mentioned to me that She thought her hair was getting thinner!! 😠 The loss that she was experiencing is different than what she had before. Now it's in chunks! Not happy at all!! I hope this is reversable!! 😠