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  • Mark - Unusable

    This thing is unusable. The browser crashes every 10 to 15 minutes. I tried restoring to factory settings, but it made no difference. The first crash happened literally seconds after I turned it on. Don't expect any support from Google for their buggy operating system. There's no way to talk to anyone on the phone. You can email them and wait for days for a response. In my case, they recommended I delete my addons/extensions. I use a moderate number of extensions in my Chrome profile (things like adblock, a weather widget, Lastpass, a screen shot tool, etc). Nothing too crazy. I wasn't going to delete them because Google's unstable, bug-ridden operating system can't handle them. So I returned it.

  • Mimi Mcbroom - Just try it

    WOW!! I have a cat who goes bonkers and I bought this but based on other reviews (I didn't think it would really work). I plugged it in an thought maybe I would see some results in about 24 hours. nope, IT TOOK LESS THAN AN HOUR. Mees and Dexter (the cats) were so relaxed and calm it was like two different cats. They kinda acted like they had smoked a lot of marijuana. this stuff is awesome...can you develop one for people? You could sell it to schools and prison systems. great product, thank you

  • Kscheff - Love it!

    Haven't tried this on myself yet, but I do plan on it. It works great on my dogs fur and skin! It's gentle, but cleans very well. My dogs have super sensitive skin, so finding something that doesn't irritate them isn't the easiest, but I finally tried mane n tail and couldn't be happier! And it smells good! Yay!

  • Mary - Interesting!

    This is a very interesting book. I had never heard of oil pulling. I have had wonderful results since I started. My teeth are whiter, my gums healthier. I have also noticed a calming in my GI tract. I can't wait to see what else it helps!

  • megHs_a_mom - Gives that lovely baby smell!

    I love the smell of this Aveeno baby wash. I find that it doesn't seem to bother my 6 month old's eyes and as an add on product to my purchase, it was a GREAT price for the amount of body wash I received. I would definitely order it again!!

  • Aubthewriter - Great inspiration

    I heard from a friend that I should buy this book to help me with my screenplays and novels I'm working on. I'm able to now structure my query letter the way the professionals want to see it written, and also able to have a sat selection of publishers and agents. It has gotten me motivated to pursue my career in writing. I will definitely be buying the next years book! I also like this book because it has good ideas for journalism, writing freelance, and also how to self publish your own book. I also like the photojournalism section because I also do photography. One stop shop in this book!! Recommended it to several other writers I know. Good buy and you get a lot for the price! Won't be disappointed!!