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Amazing Benefits of Honey! - The benefits of honey go beyond its delectable flavor. Its amazing medicinal effects as a head-to-toe natural cure, healing properties for beauty treatments, and intelligence in body fat metabolism differentiate itself from all other forms of sugar and sweeteners.

  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/the-benefits-of-honey.html The Benefits of Honey - Amazing Stories - In what ways have you experienced the benefits of honey? Share your success story or read testimonies about the amazing healing effects of honey here!
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/pure-honey.html Testing for Pure Honey - Are you able to differentiate 100% pure honey from adulterated honey? Here are various honey authenticity tests suggested by people from all over the world. Evaluate and judge for yourself how reliable they are.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/hibernation-diet.html Hibernation Diet Links Sleep and Obesity - The revolutionary Hibernation Diet links sleep and obesity. It is believed that honey is the most ideal food for fuelling the liver at night. It helps keep blood sugar levels balanced and let your recovery hormones get on with burning fat efficiently during sleep.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-remedies.html Most Favourite Honey Remedies - Check out these honey remedies that are frequently discussed and shared by our visitors.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-and-cinnamon.html Honey and Cinnamon Remedy - The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries as an effective natural remedy for many illnesses and health issues, including obesity, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Find out why this concocton has been hailed as a miracle cure.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/vinegar-and-honey.html Vinegar and Honey Remedy - The apple cider vinegar and honey drink works wonders as a detoxification agent, anti-ageing elixir and traditional remedy for many ailments including colds, food poisoning, arthritis and rheumatism. Find out how you can benefit with a daily dose of this mixture.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/raw-honey.html What is So Special About Raw Honey? - Raw honey is best. Find out why. And what about other forms of honey? Learn more about comb honey, liquid honey and cream honey.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/diabetic-diet.html Can Diabetic Diet Include Honey? - Is honey allowed in diabetic diet? Most doctors would say no, but Dr Ron Fessenden reveals in his book, The Honey Revolution, the more glucose intolerant one is, the lower the blood sugar response after honey ingestion versus the higher the blood sugar response after consuming sucrose or glucose. Find out more about this sweet revelation for diabetics.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/health-benefits-of-honey.html Health Benefits of Honey - Discover the AWESOME health benefits of honey! Honey energizes our body, boosts immunity, fights bacteria, promotes healing of cuts and burns, remedies sore throat, cold, hangover, sleeplessness, stomach upsets and more. Find out how honey can make a significant difference to our health.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-and-lemon.html Honey and Lemon for Weight Loss - Honey and lemon is an excellent natural remedy for obesity. It mobilizes the extra fat deposited in the body allowing it to be utilized as energy for normal functions.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/manuka-honey.html The Miraculous Manuka Honey - What additional beneficial properties does Manuka Honey have? Find out why this honey commands a much higher price and what ailments and health issues people are using it for.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-vs-sugar.html Honey Vs Sugar - Honey Vs Sugar. Which is a more superior choice of sweetener? Consider and compare how fast they are absorbed into our bloodstream and how they are metabolized into our body.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/cooking-with-honey.html Practical Tips on Cooking with Honey - Understand why honey is a popular choice of sweetener in cooking and get practical tips on cooking with honey.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/calorie-in-honey.html Amount of Calorie in Honey - What is the amount of calorie in honey? Know that not all calories are made equal, and unlike highly processed table sugar or artificial sweeteners, honey is more than just its calories.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey.html Honey Isn't Just Sugar! - Honey is more than just sugar and calories; it is anabolic, medicinal, antiseptic, anti-cancer, gentle on our blood sugar, friendliest to our liver and the most ideal fuel for burning body fats. Discover the plethora of healing effects of honey today.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/head-to-toe-remedy.html Head-to-Toe Remedy - More than a sweetener, honey is an amazing head-to-toe remedy. Click on the different parts of the body and discover how honey can heal and benefit our body in so many specific ways.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/athlete-foot.html Athlete Foot is Not the Same as Smelly Foot - Many people think athlete foot is the same as the obnoxious smelly feet. They are not!
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/health-and-nutrition-resources-index.html Health and Nutrition Resources Index - Health and Nutrition Resources Index provides a classification of honey and health related terms found in the Benefits of Honey Site.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/umf-manuka.html UMF Manuka Honey And Its Big Price Tag - UMF manuka honey commands a much higher price compared to other active Manuka honey without that label. Find out why.
  • http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-bees.html Honey Bees Wondrous Products - Honey bees produce many awesome healing products: royal jelly, organic honey, bee wax, bee pollen, mead, propolis, and bee bread.

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    This is a "must read" for anyone who wants to save our beloved nation for future generations! Our forefathers gave everything they had for the freedoms we take for granted. "We the people" learn in this book what it takes to take our control back from Big Gov. While reading the book, you may become really upset and want to scream. Just continue on because there is a "Bright Light" ahead. Thank-you for telling the Truth that so many don't want to hear because they may have to change.

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  • Marianne C. Jurayj - Zero Support

    The product has a lot of potential but the support is non-existent. I even called the NA headquarters in MA to find a real email address in order to either rectify my situation or at least voice my concerns about the substandard support. The response I got was that they know that there are issues but that apparently they are not accepting contacts even via snail-mail (yes I was more than willing to write a real letter). How can I recommend this product to my clients?

  • willyum - Got used still works

    There was highlighting inside the book but it works I can still read everything it is still worth buying if you need the book for school.

  • Mark J. Pescatrice - Worse than horrible

    I should have heeded the other warnings from reviewers, but I didn't have many choices available to me. I've used TT for business for years. This is the last year. I had to file an extension because after two weeks of trying to resolve a balance sheet issue variance that should be there (but is somehow). Yes, my balance sheet balances year on year.