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  • Amazon Customer - Hype

    Hype nothing else but hype created but so many reseller's supposed great experiences. People there is NOTHING beneficial about this coffee at all. It's very well packaged and has almost vanilla like scent but I can feel some cheap sugar in it too. By feel I mean people that have elevated glucose in their blood can physically sense it's effects. Other than that coffee has a pleasant taste and it's not as acidy as some but not worth the premium price at all.

  • RT North - It's decent...but don't expect incredibly good fitness results

    The intent of the game is good, and it does pretty well in imagining creative ways to build exercises around the wii fit. That said, it can't REALLY tell if you're doing the exercises with proper form or "cheating". You'll only get out of this what you put in, in terms of commitment to proper form etc. You would be much better off doing the same exercises on a flat floor rather than trying to make the wii fit "detect" that you're doing them. I was also disappointed with the lack of ability to truly customize workouts...for instance, you can't remove the ridiculous "5 minutes of running in place" exercise from a couple of the pre-loaded multi-exercise routines.

  • Jon's Wife (2009) - This was a major pain in the butt to install ...

    This was a major pain in the butt to install and the coverage is just okay. I will not buy again. I would have returned and uninstalled it but that was nearly impossible to do as well so we gave up and kept it.

  • Kindle Customer - Interesting but short treatment

    Liked what was presented but shorter treatment than expected. There is so much more that could have been included but wasn't. A sequel might be in order if the author chooses.

  • Carlos Caro - Finally, a pen for the women in my life!

    Let me tell you, I can't tell you how bad it is watching women struggle with man-pens. They just can't seem to operate them, they're intimidated by the somber colors of blue and black and occasionally white, and then the pens just never seem, well, "girly" enough. Finally, with a safe, pastel color and assurances from an impersonal company marketing exec that these pens are "for her," I feel like I can finally give the women in my life a pen which they can handle comfortably and not feel like a man when they use it. They even spell Cristal incorrectly, just so that special woman you give these pens to can draw a little heart over the letter i and cute-up that sterile, hyper-masculine package they come in. Of course, I'd never allow a -man- to use one of these. Goodness, one touch of the pastel pen and it's off to emasculation city!

  • Kathy W. - I ordered this for my granddaughter's birthday. I went ...

    I ordered this for my granddaughter's birthday. I went to wrap it and pushed the try me button and nothing happened. I had to literately cut it out of the package to get it out to replace the batteries to see if it worked. It is a cute little fellow but the mechanical noise is really disappointing. For the money I didn't expect to hear that. I will give it to her (out of the box) because her birthday is tomorrow. The mechanical noise I think is from the head movements. I can get past the temporary batteries not working but that noise is why it gets only 3 stars from me. If I would had more time I would have returned it and had them send me another in hopes it was just a defective one.

  • dassy - awful costumer service

    I have the vista double. I loved it as a single but the double was very bulky and hard to maneuver also it is super hard to fold so I always left it open which was fine for me since I have other strollers for car or travel. I would of given it more stars except the a week ago the bar at the bottom detached itself from the side frame which make the stroller a piece of garbage. I thought for such an expensive stroller I will get an excellent costumer service but I was dissapointed to discover that the warranty is only for 2 years and if I want a new frame (since it unreparable) I will have to pay the discounted price of $180 for the frame (not the basket and without the wheels, seat or anything else!). I will think twice before I pay so much for a stroller that the company can't stand behind its products.