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New, Pre-owned and Commercial Chevrolet dealer in Culpeper, VA Battlefield Chevrolet - Battlefield Chevrolet is a New, Pre-owned and Commercial Chevrolet dealer, serving Culpeper and Merrimac, offering a wide selection of cars, trucks and SUVs, including the Malibu and Silverado!

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  • Fredrick Crosby - Good "new" Archie

    I found this to be a good introduction issue. However, with that being said, I may be in the minority but I prefer the "older" looking artwork for Archie. Just my two cents.

  • N. Oneill - JK Lasser Your INcome Tax

    I highly recommend JK Lasser's books. I've been a tax professional for over 10 years and have come to know and use this book extensively. Best tax book on the market for ease of reading whether a professional tax person or not! Buy the book!

  • Brian C. - Works perfectly

    I ordered the GoPro Black Edition from Amazon on Jan 31st, and have been pleased with the camera so far. I was apprehensive on ordering the camera based on all the issues people have been having. To my relief, my camera was not one of the early production models, as it already had the latest firmware installed. The camera works as expected, and there have been no issues. I did run the battery all the way down once, & plugged it in. Shortly afterwards, I turned on the camera to alter a menu setting, & the camera froze one time, but I think it did so because the battery was fully depleted. Once the camera charged for a little while, it worked great, & has not frozen again since. I think that even when the camera is plugged in, it still runs off the battery, & that was my issue.

  • BiG 10 - This mouse felt great in my hand

    This mouse felt great in my hand, has an awesome sensor, but I had far too many phantom clicks when I lifted the mouse up and set it back down. Mouse 2 would be actuated unintentionally which is a big no-no in CS:GO. I had to send it back. I ended up going with a Zowie EC1-A and am extremely happy with it.

  • alan - which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn

    I have two pairs of the GT-2000, which I think is the most comfortable shoe I've worn. I thought Gt-3000, Wow I have to have a pair, they must be 1,000 time better, not the case, not worth the money, I hope there are others out there that feel the same way our reviews will help keep these companies on there toes. Asics decided to cut a few corners on this one. It did not seem as comfortable.

  • T.F. - Peace of Mind

    I appreciate that this product is small, discreet, portable, and provides peace of mind while traveling. I've been extremely hesitant to travel and stay in hotels, but the Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap that I received from PINCHme helps me with some reassurance, especially after my own room inspections.