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AyurGold for Healthy Blood - Worried about your blood sugar levels? Concerned about diabetes? Want to stay healthy for your family? You can maintain healthy blood sugar levels now and enjoy vibrant life with your family in the future!

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  • Hilary F. Schwarz - Thunder Shirt

    I find the shirt of some help with my dogs nervousness when riding in the car. He appears calmer with no shaking.

  • Beverly Van Kirk - He is an amazing human being who forces you to examine your thinking ...

    He is an amazing human being who forces you to examine your thinking about our Creator and the lives we live. He helps us straighten our thinking and living. I have shared his name and writings with a lot of people and I think he is changing the basic makeup of our churches. He is making it really work.

  • Scotty Joe - CERN, The Vatican, UFOs; All the Good Stuff

    I love conspiracy reads. The difference here is the amount of research Tom Horn has put into this book. It is a fun read and it's chock plumb-full of alternate realities! CERN, The Vatican, UFOs; all the good stuff. And what makes a great movie, or a great read ... is that it has the possibility of being true! Mr. Horn is also a very good writer ... or maybe it's his ghost writer, haha. I mean, really, it's a fun read backed up with a pile of well-put-together research. I hope I get to meet him sometime, maybe with Steve Quayle.

  • Mary Emerson - couldn't install it, waste of money

    I tried for a couple hours to get it to install on my machine. It wouldn't; it said it found an error, but the help didn't give a clue what the error was, or if it had a number associated with it. I even tried removing my old Word 2003, but 2010 still wouldn't install. I eventually gave up and put my old copy of Word 2003 back on the machine, with the Microsoft 2007 patch that deals with newer file formats and DOCX files.

  • Amazon Customer - Seriously?! These are Recipes?

    Some of the recipes in the book were more like common sense. Do you really need a recipe for a chocolate ice cream cone? Definitely a disappointment, even if it was free.

  • sarah navarro - Overdose

    This is way too much Biotin! After about 2 weeks of taking a full capsule, my skin started to break out, my breasts were extremely tender, and I noticed no change in my hair or nails. Think this was just my period symptoms at first, the symptoms persisted for more than 3 weeks; I couldn't take it anymore. The acne had spread to my chest, as well as my back. After reading about similar problems online, I read about some suggestions of cutting the pill in half, or even fourths. I tried cutting down to halves, and the problems still persisted for atleast two more weeks. A fourth of the pill produced the same results. I was done at this point and found another supplement with only 50mcg, and have noticed a significant difference in my skin, hair, and nail growth. Be very careful with this high dose.