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  • Jamie W - Washer smells fresh

    Who thinks of washing you washer? Well it makes sense you put dirty stuff in it. I use cloth diapers on my baby, which I wash in my washer. When I joined some online groups for cloth diapers I was told I need to wash my washer monthly. So I checked out my washer and it had a clean with ahfresh setting. So I ordered the cleaning tablets and cleaning wipes. Super easy to use I just dropped it It and ran washer in a very hot setting. Afterwards my washer smelled amazing and the inside was shiney. I will be reordering shortly as I just used my last tablet.

  • Robert Connett - Don't believe the bad hype on TanPhysics.

    I am not paid for this review. Also, I am not really a big tanner, but I do know I look better when I have a bit of color on my skin. I tried TanPhysics after seeing all of the online ads. I have to say it was the best purchase I've ever made and was just getting ready to order another bottle when I decided to check reviews. I'm SHOCKED by all of the bad reviews, and can't help but wonder if they were written by competitors. Because NO WAY will this turn your skin orange. I am a professional makeup artist and I have recommended this to my clients. And no way will it flake. It has never stained my hands. It dries quickly and does both ace a bad odor. I have gotten more compliments on how pretty my skin looks since I began using this than I've ever gotten using the most expensive foundations in the world. Do not listen to the negatives. I don't think they are all being honest. Yes, it's expensive. But I will spend money on a product that not only moisturizes my skin, but also develops a beautiful, subtle golden brownish tan. The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that I have to reapply it every two days. But since I don't use it everywhere, that's not so difficult. (Face, neck, chest, and legs if they will be exposed.). It's hard to know what to believe, but I swear I'm just a regular user and I don't work for any company.