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  • Amazon Customer - Dissappointimg

    The idea is cool, but the writing is pretty trashy. Characters are shallow and repetitive, the plot armour isn't even slightly subtle. Would not recommend and won't be reading anymore of this authors work.

  • J.D. - Removes wax build-up from laminate

    I am using this stuff to get waxy build-up off my laminate floor literally while I am writing this review. I still have a bit of work ahead of me.

  • Thomas - Wish I Had This Year's Ago. I Love It!

    Okay, I'm a guy. A guy with a serious case of callus on the left foot heel, ball of the foot and the outside of the big toe. A podiatrist once used a scalpel to cut some of it, but it continues to build. Normally, I'd use a "cheese grater" to knock it down then a pumice stone. What a hassle. I've even resorted to using my Dremel drill with a diamond disc. Ladies, don't try that at home!

  • Dwayne S. Masselink - Good price point for proven software.

    We are already familiar with this software. Multi use and proven software that meets our needs at a good price.

  • D. Warwas - Did not work for me

    I was trying to find a weight loss supplement to go with my workouts and decided to try Relacore. I took 2 capsules 3 times a day and the only change i noticed was that my urine was bright yellow.

  • Brendan Arthur - These fit perfectly and the lenses were good. They smudge really easily so I carry a ...

    These fit perfectly and the lenses were good. They smudge really easily so I carry a cleaning cloth in my car but it was a good purchase

  • Vanesssa R. - It is easy to operate

    It's spring-time in East Texas, and that usually means our house is being invaded by bugs. We are surrounded by forest on all sides, and therefore have a huge variety of possible multi-legged pests. With the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, we have seen no new bugs in the house. This time of year, we usually have a big problem with gnats, but we have not seen a single one. The spiders and such that we normally have are decreasing in number. I am sure that with continued use, the insects will remain where they should – outside. It is easy to operate, just plug it in and let it do its thing. We have inside pets and it doesn't bother them. I received this product at a discount for my honest, unbiased opinion. #homeguard