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  • Purinton - I finally have my estate planning in order!

    After years of not having anything other than a will and beneficiaries selected for financial accounts I finally got around to putting together a comprehensive plan. Quicken Willmaker took me step by step through the process and seemed to be very thorough. Maybe a bit too thorough. Don't plan on sitting down for a half hour and getting this thing banged out. It helped me identify a part of my estate that would have had to go needlessly through probate. Also, I didn't really know how to put together a Health Care Directive or Durable Power of Attorney before using this program. I now have complete peace of mind with my estate planning. (I just hope it doesn't have to be utilized for a long time).

  • M. Becker - Terrible

    Product was ordered for a friend, it was totally ineffective and really does not work. They have an enormous amount of advertising

  • Kindle Customer - Wonderful Addition to the Series

    Wow - Hunter is in for a big surprise when he goes to the wedding and runs into Roni not realizing that she's Declan's cousin, and that she has a whopper of a secret. Can they work out their differences to get a HEA?

  • Abby Benjamin - Great for All Stains, Not Just Pet

    I have purchased Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover in the past. I most recently purchased it on Prime Day in a Lightning Deal. At $13 and with 2 dogs and cats in my home, I could not go wrong. Although our dogs are housebroken, the male cat tends to mark. I keep a spray bottle ($1 from our local Dollar Tree) filled with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover under my kitchen sink with my cleaning supplies. It is great for using on carpets, throw pillows, leather couches, and cushions (basically, anything that I can't throw in the washing machine). I use Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover to pre-treat any affected items before throwing them in the wash. It helps remove any pet stains and smells well. It is a great product to have around the house for uses other than pet stains. Any organic stain can be treated with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover. Although I did not have luck completely removing a red wine stain with Nature's Miracle Original Stain & Odor Remover, it definitely helped to relax the stain (I ultimately used baking soda and white vinegar). It is great on coffee and other lighter colored stains, especially before they dry and set. The gallon jug lasts quite a while. I don't see myself having to refill until next Prime Day!

  • J. C. Sublett - Seems like that little fact could have been mentioned somewhere by ...

    Product does what I expected after I was able to get it installed. An instruction card called "Quick Start Card" comes with a DVD labeled "Bootable DVD for PC only". Following instructions, I inserted DVD and nothing happens. Using Windows explorer I list out the contents of the DVD. I find nothing obvious that starts the installation wizard. I search the Acronis web sight for help. I find no mention of my problem. Using Google I check the neighborhood (world) to see if anyone has a suggestion. Yes, a suggestion is that I check that AUTOPLAY is enabled. Windows 10 comes, as default, with it disabled. Seems like that little fact could have been mentioned somewhere by Acronis.

  • esh108 - Great bag for school with lots of books to haul

    Awesome color and great bag. I got a size medium because I was concerned about having enough space, I cannot imagine what a large looks like. I carry a laptop in it's own neoprene sleeve, so not having the laptop section did not matter to me. I use the back slip for my wallet and a few papers to keep them organized. I can easily fit my laptop, water bottle, and 2-3 textbooks in here without a problem. It is wide enough that there is room on the ends with the books inside, so space is easy to come by (that was a problem with my older bag-to narrow, and if you filled the middle section the ends hugged in so nothing moved but that meant I could not even slip a pen out when full). This would definitely work as an overnight bag as well. With the front wall zippered section, space for pens and small compartments, I do not need to carry a separate purse as well, so I can live out of this bag. Highly recommend it for a great, efficient larger bag.

  • G. Ryan - Best hiking pole with anti-shock absorbency! You will love it for hiking!

    I am extremely happy with my hiking pole. The quality of the aluminum is exceptional and the rubber hand grip fits my hand well. I love the anti-shock absorbency to this hiking pole. I have never had a pole with it and it makes such a difference when hiking.It has the standard removable cap at the tip but the cap is a nice size rubber tip and there is the plastic piece you can attach and use when not using the rubber tip. Another great item to this pole's feature is the compass in the handle. I love it! Adjusting the pole and locking it into the right length for me was easy and I am impressed with the sturdiness of the pole. I also like that Nonpareil gives 1% of their annual sales to environmental and social organizations. I received my hiking pole to use for free and to provide a review. This is the best hiking pole I have ever used and I like the stability and support I received when using hiking up and down hills and on uneven natural trails.