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Arqcon - Arquitectura y Construcción - Brinda información técnica a profesionales y propietarios vinculados con la Arquitectura y la industria de la Construcción

  • http://www.arqcon.com.ar/clasificados/index8.htm ArqCon Arquitectura Online - Brinda información técnica a profesionales y propietarios vinculados con la Arquitectura y la industria de la Construcción
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  • Amazon Customer - fits well and is very comfortable in my hand

    fits well and is very comfortable in my hand. just didn't care for the mug itself. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is if you are just carrying the empty cup ( so not worried about direction) there is nothing to keep it from sliding out of the handle

  • Mary Frame - Very Compact Kit, Gets Out What Chemical Peels Leave Behind

    I’ve never used any product like this before but I was really interested to try it out since I have a lot of stubborn blackheads on my nose. Even when I use chemical peels for my face that help with larger pimples and smooth out my pores, I find the blackheads on my nose are often not helped and are still visible so I wanted to give this kit a try and see if it could finally remove them. Plus, I have a bad habit of always trying to pick at and pop pimples on my face which usually makes things worse so I figured if there is a proper or more efficient way to pop them, then it would be worth trying. This works pretty well at getting whatever is left behind from the chemical peel and the really deep blackheads. One thing I was nervous about with using this product is how much it was going to hurt. I was warned by my significant other that he had tried something like these before and that they were effective but it was extremely painful. It did hurt the first time probably because I was applying too much pressure, plus my skin is really pale so when I used this I got a bunch of really red spots that were more noticeable than the blackheads. However, upon doing it the next day at a slightly lighter pressure I didn’t get big red marks. Still, I would recommend using this before bed and not right before a big date or anything since it may leave red marks from applying pressure to your skin. They go away in a few hours which is why right before bed seems to work best so they will be gone by the time you wake up. This blackhead and pimple remove kit is also really compact so it would be easy to take with you when travelling and doesn’t take up much space in your bathroom cabinet.

  • Harris - has all the ingredients you'd ever need

    Excellent product. It has everything you could need to treat menopause without having to take a lot of other pills

  • Sara Gore - Be a better cat parent

    I originally bought this in hopes that it would comfort my cat while we were on vacation and she was left with our housesitter. It did way more than that. All of her annoying behaviors disappeared. She used to mew incessantly, attempt to bolt outside when the door was opened, and got into yeowling matches with cats through the window. All of those behaviors stopped after using this product. Now if a tom cat comes to the window, she hisses at it and then ignores it. She no longer seems to have an interest in going outside at all. And she has become better about entertaining herself. She now plays with her toys by herself without constantly needing us to play with her.