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Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists - AZ Center for Cancer Care - If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, we're confident the information on this site will be helpful to your treatment and recovery.

  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/about-arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.html About ABCs - Breast Cancer Treatment Specialists in Arizona - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists are dedicated to treating women with breast cancer with radiation. Learn more about our vision and practice here.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-robert-kuske.html Dr. Robert Kuske, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Robert Kuske and about his background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-coral-quiet.html Dr. Coral Quiet, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Coral Quiet and about her background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-scott-tannehill.html Dr. Scott Tannehill, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Scott Tannehill and about his background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-greg-maggass.html Dr. Gregory A. Maggass, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Gregory A. Maggass and about his background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-farley-yang.html Dr. Farley Yang, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Farley Yang and about his background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-luci-chen.html Dr. Luci M. Chen, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Luci Chen and about her background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/arizona-breast-cancer-specialists-doctors/doctor-anushka-patel.html Dr. Anushka H. Patel, MD - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists Physician - Learn more about Dr. Anushka H. Patel and about her background as a radiation oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/patient-testimonials.html Breast Cancer Patient Testimonials - AZ Breast Cancer Specialists - Read personal stories from breast cancer survivors who have been treated by Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/news-press-and-community/press/index.html Breast Cancer News from Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists - It is our goal to provide the latest and most accurate news related to breast cancer to our patients and the media.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/triumph/ Triumph-T Overnight Trial for Breast Cancer - Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists has been selected as one of a handful of U.S. institutions to pioneer an ultra-accelerated 3 treatment regimen.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/about-cancer/what-is-cancer.html What Is Cancer? / Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists - Learn all about the origins of cancer and what causes uncontrolled cell growth.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/highlights-of-brachytherapy-treatment.html Breast Cancer Treatment Highlights: 3 Tools for Treating Breast Cancer - There are three categories of treatment for breast cancer: surgery, radiation therapy, and drug therapy. Each of these tools has a different role.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/cancer-therapy-options/whole-breast-radiation-treatment.html Whole Breast Radiation Therapy: Lumpectomy & Radiation - Learn how combining a lumpectomy surgery with radiation therapy work together to cure breast cancer.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/brachytherapy/brachytherapy-highlights.html Breast Brachytherapy: Radiation Therapy Alternative Highlights - We have revolutionized radiotherapy for augmented women by offering breast brachytherapy, or radioactive seed implantation into temporary catheters.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/unique-five-5-day-option/brachytherapy-pioneers.html Pioneers of Breast Brachytherapy - Partial Breast Irradiation - Learn more about the history of partial breast irradiation and brachytherapy and our role in advancing this form of breast cancer treatment.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/radiation-physics-team/about-physics-at-abcs.html Guide to Radiation Therapy Physics - AZ Breast Cancer Specialists - Our department of radiation therapy physics provides patients with safe, accurate and high quality care in collaboration with the patient's oncologist.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/out-of-state-patients.html Breast Brachytherapy for Out of State Patients - AZ Breast Cancer Specialists - Our physicians have treated more than 1,600 women with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (brachytherapy) and pioneered this entire field of medicine.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/contact-us.html Contacting Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists - Find phone numbers, addresses and email information for all five of our locations in the Phoenix area.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/breast-brachytherapy-school/teaching-brachytherapy.html Breast Brachytherapy Training Course for Oncology Teams - This unique 2.5 day training course for cover all aspects of setting up a breast brachytherapy program for oncology professionals.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/news-press-and-community/press/Coral-Quiet-48-Intriguing-Women.html Dr. Coral Quiet Named One of the 48 Most Intriguing Women in AZ - On March 26, Dr. Coral Quiet was honored as one of the 48 Most Intriguing Women in Arizona.
  • http://www.arizona-breast-cancer-specialists.com/news-press-and-community/press/Dr-Coral-Quiet-Top-Doc.html ABCs' Physicians Named 2011 "Top Docs" by Phoenix Magazine - The April 2011 issue of Phoenix Magazine listed the top 12 Radiation Oncologists in the Valley. Three of our doctors were rated as 'Top Docs'.

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